Digital Trap

No to Digital ID

Stop Britain sleepwalking into a database state Follow the steps below to call on your MP to put a “right to use a non-digital ID” into law. Step 1: Copy the template letter below to send to your MP. Step 2: Paste, personalise and send the email to your MP. Make sure you personalise your

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Spy In Your Car

Don’t Connect Your Phone To Your Car! Modern cars are a privacy nightmare. It’s worse than you realize. In this video we dive into all the types of data your car is collecting about you: from video footage, microphone recordings, location data, biometrics, all the way to files/contacts/photos ingested from your phone! (NBTV, with Naomi

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More Spying By the Government: DWP Plan to Monitor Bank Accounts Monthly

From the National Scot: Benefit claimants will reportedly have their bank accounts monitored under new “Big Brother” anti-fraud plans drawn up by the UK Government. The law change is due to be introduced in the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement expected later this month, The Telegraph reports. Ministers told the paper the change could save the taxpayer

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