Where Is the Public Mourning for Those Killed by the ‘Vaccine’?

On the day of Her Majesty’s funeral, the UK stands still. Schools and shops, and even NHS surgeries remain closed. The 19 of September 2022 is declared a public mourning day. And once again, it appears that the MSM are all on the same page, as they were with covid and the Ukraine crisis.

Will there ever be a public mourning for the hundreds of thousands killed and millions injured by the covid so-called vaccines?

Healthy Young People Dying Suddenly (Hugo Talks/Rumble):

MRNA ‘Vaccine’ Genocide 2021-2022: Testimonies from the Victims and Medical Staff (Wake Up from the Lies/Odysee):

Whilst they knew you were mourning the Queen’s death, the UK Government quietly published reports confirming the triple vaccinated account for 91% of covid deaths throughout 2022 and there have been over 24k “unexplained” excess deaths since April

The Expose writes: On the 8th of September 2022, the world was told that Queen Elizabeth II had passed away. Since then, the United Kingdom has gone into a 10-day mourning period and the Mainstream Media have distracted the public with 24/7 news coverage surrounding the Queen’s death and the movements of the new King, Charles III.

It’s times like these that you ought to watch what bad news is being quietly published in the background in the hope that it won’t receive much attention, and it just so happens that some terrible news has been published by the UK Government institution, the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

On the 13th of September, the Office for National Statistics published a bulletin on deaths registered weekly in England and Wales in the week ending 2nd September 2022.

The most recent week shows that there were 8,868 deaths in England and Wales, equating to 675 excess deaths against the five-year average. Of the 8,868 deaths, 314 were attributed to Covid-19, equating to 3.5% of all deaths. (Read the full article here: https://expose-news.com/2022/09/18/distracted-queens-death-uk-gov-reveal-triple-jabbed-91-percent-covid-deaths/)

The campaign to brainwash people with lies and the devastating results it’s had in people’s lives (Sunfellow On COVID-19/Rumble):

EU forced to begin Europe-wide investigation into 700% to 1600% increase in excess deaths among children since EMA approved covid vaccine for children thanks to exclusive investigation carried out by The Exposé

On the 29th of August 2022, the Expose revealed that official mortality figures for Europe showed a shocking 691% increase in excess deaths among children up to week 33 of 2022 since the European Medicines Agency extended the emergency use authorisation of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine for use in children aged 12 to 15 in May 2021.
Before this decision by the European Medicines Agency, deaths among children in 2021 were below the expected rate. But following the emergency use authorisation, the Expose discovered that excess deaths among children had risen by a deeply troubling 1,599% by the end of the year compared to the 2017 to 2020 average.

Now, three weeks after their investigation, EuroMOMO, which provides the statistics, has been forced to officially acknowledge the elevated excess mortality among children and has opened a Europe-wide investigation into the possible causes. (Read the full article on the Expose: https://expose-news.com/2022/09/18/eu-forced-investigate-17x-increase-excess-deaths-children/)

The-Light-Vax-Deaths-IrelandYellow Card Reports

On Yellow Card (UK government reporting system) there are currently 1,507,677 adverse reactions and 2,226 deaths reported (report run date: 27/07/2022).

Within the past 20 months the covid jabs have been killing and maiming more than all other vaccines in recent decades combined.

The reports on Yellow Card only show 1-10% of all adverse reactions in the UK, while a large number goes unreported. Many people are unaware of the Yellow Card reporting system or are not encouraged to report an adverse reaction.


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