WHO Ends the Covid Hoax With the Biggest Lie of All

By Dr Vernon Coleman

The World Health Organisation says that the covid-19 hoax is now over and claims that covid-19 killed an estimated 20 million people.

They might as well have claimed it killed 200 million or 2 billion.

This figure is a sick joke.

Anyone who claims that 20 million people died of covid-19 is a deluded fool, a misinformation specialist or a scaremonger trying to turn the world’s worst medical hoax (now faded) into a historical reality.

I would estimate, using official government figures, that covid-19 (which I’ve always said is the rebranded flu) killed considerably fewer than one million people world-wide in 2020 and 2021 (with figures for the two years combined). That is, less than 500,000 in each of those two years.

Since the WHO figures show that the ordinary un-marketed flu can kill 650,000 a year, and since there were virtually no flu deaths in 2020 and 2021, (it was reported in the mainstream media that flu had temporarily disappeared) it is clear that covid-19 was rather LESS deadly than a fairly unexceptional flu. I have already produced evidence showing that according to the UK Government’s own figures, covid-19 was no worse than the flu in the UK. And mortality figures show that death rates in 2020 were no worse than usual.

The WHO figure of 20 million deaths is based on absurd, false figures whereby patients who died after a positive (but useless) PCR test were listed as having died of covid-19 even if they had no symptoms of covid-19 and had died in a car crash, been run over by a bus or had died of heart disease. Governments around the world have admitted that figures were exaggerated. In some countries, hospitals were bribed to over-diagnose covid-19.

I would be happy to debate these figures with a senior WHO representative on live, national television or radio. But, I fear that it is a fair bet that, as usual, no one will agree to debate. They won’t debate because I am right and they are wrong and they know they will be embarrassed and that the whole covid hoax will be discredited. The media, unquestioning to the end will print and share the 20 million figure as though it were real. No TV or radio station dare allow a proper, live debate because they have spent three years telling lies.

Finally, if the covid-19 hoax is now officially over, why are doctors still giving covid-19 jabs? And why are health care staff routinely wearing face masks?