Why I Use Cash – More Contributions

Here are more lists, short essays and poems composed by participants of our Advent Competition ‘Why I Use Cash’ which we did not in include in our latest leaflets.

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‘Resist or Perish’

* What I buy is up to me

* What I buy is none of your business

* What I buy is none of government’s business

* I don’t want to be a digital serf

* Cash is our last expression of freedom


I can only think of one reason why I continue to use cash. It is because it has become the best way to annoy many companies, retailers, and above all government agencies (Like my local council. I think I am the only person who pays my council tax in cash, as they cannot legally refuse, without creating a problematic court case for themselves).

There is no greater sense of smug than approaching checkouts with a basket/trolley, being informed it is “card payment only” , and being able to walk away and watch as they then have to put everything back, Although, this is becoming few and far between, as suddenly a cash till will magically appear!


Splash That Cash

To boost the minimum wage, of a hard-working waiting girl,

To compliment the stylist who made my straight hair curl.

To buy in private and not be bombarded with ads,

Tempting me to buy more of the latest trends and fads.

Because that taxi driver really went that extra mile,

In picking up my bags and giving me a smile.

And, having done my work and paid my tax and bills and rent,

What I do with money left is no concern of Government.


No Cash Is Slavery

it is loss of control,

it can be debanking,

being told what to buy,

system failure and no spend at all,

it is the car parking app that never quite works,

no cash feeds the big bureaucrat who lurks


Cash Is Freedom and Choice

It is in your pocket, your wallet, your purse,

It is in the birthday card and the smile on their face

it is in the small business account 100%,

it is safe and it’s yours,

it is budgeting and spending what you afford

cash is a crisp fiver between your fingers and a pint in your hand

Legal tender is the law of the land



Day 1 – Tactile Experience: Handling physical cash offers a tangible and sensory experience—the first joy of cash.
Day 2 – Budgeting Practice: Cash usage fosters budgeting skills by requiring people to handle a fixed daily amount of money.
Day 3 – Avoiding Overspending: Cash discourages overspending, only use the daily allocated amount of carefully counted out pound notes.
Day 4 – Personal Connection: Gifting cash allows recipients to customise the spending of the money without fear of identity theft.
Day 5 – Teaching Financial Literacy: This activity can serve as an educational tool for boys and girls, teaching them about money, budgeting, and responsible spending.
Day 6 – Supporting local businesses: Cash is king; spend your cash at local businesses during the Christmas season with no transaction costs.
Day 7 – Charitable Cash Giving:The day is designated for people to donate cash to small local charities.
Day 8 – Spreading Joy: Give cash as a small act of kindness by paying for someone else’s coffee or leaving someone a surprise tip.
Day 9 – Creating Memories: The day’s cash expenditure can be associated with a memorable experience, making the Christmas season more special.
Day 10 – Reducing digital transactions: The day encourages a break from digital transactions to appreciate the simplicity and anonymity of physical currency—no network connectivity is needed.
Day 11 – Promoting Mindful Spending: Free men and women can carefully consider how they want to use their cash for the unbanked and underbanked alike.
Day 12 – Building Anticipation: The anticipation of receiving and spending cash adds a sense of excitement to the Christmas countdown. Cash is so conveniently transportable—once hidden in puddings, buried, or sewn into clothing.


One reason to use cash is.
1.) You don’t need electricity.
2.) You can give one to one instantly. No delay.
3.) Cash is real money, not token or fiat.


Cash makes you the king of your thing and the queen of your scene.

Digital dollars make you slaves to the machine.

Paying with cash is taking care of each other.

Paying with cash is caring about your freedom, my freedom, our freedom.

Paying with cash is paying it forward for freedom.

Stop the spread of social credit score tyranny! Pay cash.

Pay with cash so that we are all in the cash economy together.

Cash is safe and effective. CBDCs are dangerous.

CBDCs are a control key. Cash keeps you and me free.

Pay cash because you care.

Victory gardens in the war, victory cash in the drawer.

Triumph over tyranny with cash between you and me.

Cash forever

1. Advent is a time of waiting – don’t wait until cash is gone – use it now!

2. I use cash not just for Christmas but for life.

3. Cash is your forever friend – NOT just a fairweather friend!


The Golden Pound
  1. I like the feel of the silver dollar (cash) in my pocket, simple eh!
  2. It can be a conversation starter by being asked for change etc!
  3. To my simple brain easier to keep tabs on what I am spending.
  4. Good for your brain to keep counting in your head!
  5. An old custom was to give a baby a silver coin, tanner or bob for to start a bank account be it in a bank or tin in the kitchen!
  6. Pitching pennies – a great way to pass the time and better fun than a mobile!
  7. You go first, no you. OK let’s do ‘heads or tails’! You go!
  8. Pocket money-birthday money-Xmas money etc!
  9. Throw a penny in the wishing well! Or it could be in a river or lake!
  10. As we are coming to Xmas and New Year, a party game. You needed a small funnel and a half crown. If it was a man doing it, he would choose a lady and vice versa. A chat up thing!? Stick the funnel in the top of person’s trousers/skirt and then get them to bend head back and put half crown on forehead and they had to try and get the half crown in the funnel by raising head. Have a small drop water hidden in a cup – shall say no more says Santa ho ho ho. Person got to keep the half crown. True love, eh!


I pay with cash to keep my purchasing habits private.


Pennies in your pocket

The delightful jingle of coins in your pocket as you run for the bus
The glow in the homeless man’s eyes as you toss him some coins for a cuppa
The joy on the birthday boy’s face when a tenner slips out of his greetings card
The excitement of finding a roll of tenners in the pocket of a jacket
The satisfying clink of the collection in church
Leaving a tip for a job well done
The pleasure of throwing donations into the collection bucket at the carnival
The magic of finding money on the beach
Keep it real
Engage with life’s pleasures and receive pennies from heaven


Cash option safety net

Why do I use cash?
To keep options available.
It’s too easy to deny you access to your

Someone decides, shut down grid or block your access.You need cash.

Canadian bankers denied Truckers access to their bank accounts which were illegally blocked bcuz truckers were standing up for their rights against unsafe vaccines that harmed & killed many.

I recently had my bankcard used fraudulently, . Card was deactivated & ten days later I received new card. During that time I had option to cash check
Or I would NOT have been able to buy food.

Options, availability & access need maintained to provide for our families.


Why use cash, you ask? I wrote a wee verse
About why cash is king, for me and my purse

See, I’m scared if money’s taken out of our hands
And of corporates and banksters, with globalist plans

I don’t want all these devices to digitise my life
Give me cash in the hand if cyber crime’s so rife

In my own wallet and pocket, my stash feels much safer
No transaction fees or network speeds, what’s simpler than paper?

No need to upgrade to the latest gizmo
No phones that malfunction or computer says No!

I don’t want texts and apps granting security clearance
And ever more central bank trade interference

Not gonna be controlled and cajolled and – I beg your pardon!
I’m not gonna be told how I can’t spend MY hard-earned

And it ain’t just me, see, there’s loads getting vocal
I reckon most folks now want less global, more local

Cause how many times…? It’s always the same
Whatever they’re proposing, it’s THEM stand to gain

“For your safety”, they’ll say, and claim there’s some danger
But the only perils I see are of a cashless game-changer

And all of a sudden, they’ll say “cash is outdated”
But the agenda I see looks pre-meditated

It’s all regulation, legislation… and all artificial
All these bureaucrats and technocrats and other such officials

A Smart World by Smart People, with all kinds of Smart Visions
But the problems always stem from THEIR not-so-smart decisions

And I’ve noticed, see, all these controllers and rulers
Never gratified or satisfied lest managing my moolah

They’re all empty inside, these stone-faced politicians
Such a miserable bunch to conceive such ambitions

And there’s NO LOVE, whatsoever, in their eyes…
Just delusions of grandeur, ambition and lies

Those unhappy souls shouldn’t govern our planet
Cause everything joyous, they just want to ban it

I say it’s us, the contented, that ought be deciding
Not some tyrant dictators intent on dividing

Our Right Honourable leaders’ve done nowt to earn my trust
And now they want MORE control? No, thank you very much

Not a single person trusts ’em so why give ’em more powers?
No amendments or adjustments; these Rights here – they’re ours

It’s not about what they say – it’s never for OUR good
And there’s none more to gain than the banking power would

So let’s not slide further to that future, oppressed
Can’t we leave some things be? Some old ways are best

Cause cash works just fine – don’t reinvent the wheel
This modernisation’s long gone and lost its appeal

They say we should bear change but I don’t wanna feed it
I’d rather keep my spare change as there’s real folk here need it

Call me old fashioned but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!
I want it to be MY fault if someone else nicks it

And as the monetary system’s what these crises are about
Cash is our last defender – of that there’s no doubt

So if cash is YOUR saviour, and Mister Global YOU hate
Go get it, spend it, save it… and USE IT! (before it’s too late)


Using Cash – The Reasons Why

We all know that to push our flexible plastic friend into the slot is simply not the real thing.

We all know that in the world of buying and selling the clever word maker may seek to substitute the sophisticated sounding experience of ‘digital’ dealings, with the candour of the closet word ‘contactless’.

We all know that to be ‘contactless’ is a virtual form of solitary confinement. And we know that globally the medical profession is unanimous in considering the detrimental association that this particular state of being has, not just with mental but also with physical health problems.

We know that there exists an International Human Rights Law on Solitary Confinement. It is serious stuff.

The handling of cash by supermarkets may be an expensive logistical exercise that diminishes the profits they pay to their rich shareholders, but if they seek a place of value in the community, then around the table amongst the socially responsible they must understand that the handling of cash is a natural cost of doing business.

We know from every collective communal experience we ever undertake that being together is not about ‘share of wallet’ (what the supermarkets take away from us), but ‘wallet-share’ (what we are prepared to invest and give for the benefit of the whole community). It is a subtle difference, but the impact is huge.

The community and all our relationships benefit not by what the supermarket grabs digitally from our wallet, but by what we invest and choose to put into the community kitty.

And it is all done by using cash.

  • Cash is the corner store, not the supermarket spy satellite
  • Cash is the community kitty for the next social gathering
  • Cash is the enabler of the spontaneous
  • Cash is for the anonymous gift to someone in need,
  • Cash is for the children to see their savings grow and to watch their spending
  • Cash is the safeguard against plastic debt
  • Cash is to tip the tradespeople
  • Cash is for all those disabled by serving their country or the passage of time

Many of us may be wage-slaves or those whose shoulders carry the tax burden, but we do not need to sacrifice our remaining liberty to the tracking controls of the data dictators.