Is Germany Repeating Its Dark History?

In her article Letter to the German Bundestag Margaret Anna Alice compares today’s Germany with Germany during the 1930s and 1940s. She also makes references to the German White Rose resistance group: In June 1942, Munich citizens opened their mailboxes to discover the first White Rose leaflet, which read in part: “Isn’t it true that

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Updated White Rose UK Leaflet

Please print out these leaflets for reading and sharing! End the Covid Fraud and Global Genocide End the Covid Fraud and Global Genocide x2 Hand out the leaflets to people on the streets during protests, put them through people’s doors or leave in public places (shops, public transport, churches etc.) Here are older White Rose

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Our Latest Book: The White Rose

The White Rose – Defending Freedom In this book, the founder of the White Rose UK tells us how it all began. The name White Rose (Weisse Rose) originally comes from a German underground group that was dedicated to resisting Nazi terror. With increasing control measures being forced on people, not only in the UK

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