Young Man Collapses During Basketball Tournament – Survives Thanks to Prayers

By Br. Thomas Augustine

Two weeks ago, the brothers and young men were in a basketball tournament organized by Saint John’s seminary. A former student, now 20 years old, athletic and in perfectly good help, fell down face first on the court while dribbling the ball with no one around him. A nurse friend of ours took charge while the father of the boy encouraged everyone to say the Rosary.

About 200 people silently prayed until the boy was taken out and went to the hospital by ambulance. The boy had no pulse and was not breathing. Chest compressions were being applied till someone showed up with an AED. The AED signalled “no pulse—get back”. A shock was applied with no results. The chest compressions were started again and the boy sat up after a total of 90 – 100 compressions.

As he was going out on a stretcher, he said that he couldn’t see. At the hospital, his sight came back. By the way, a priest was with him early on to give him the Last Rites. Doctors said that he is one of the 10 to 15% who survive such an episode. Multiple tests were taken with no results of the cause. The boy believes it was the shot he took twice. He now has a defibrillator implanted and is limited in what he can do to keep his heart rate low. He knows that he is miraculously alive and is very grateful to God and all those who assisted him.

I told our students the lesson to be learned: Always be in the state of grace. As far as I know, none have them have taken the shot.

God bless you.

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