Anthony Submitted to an Injection He neither Wanted nor Needed

By T J Martin

In Good Faith: Anthony Sanchelli, One Man’s Experience

Perhaps now, after almost three years, memories of those dark, fear-filled days have begun to fade. It has become easier to dismiss the isolation. The contagion. The lockdowns. Schools and businesses shuttered. Travel and mobility restricted or forbidden.

But have we forgotten the hope? Deliverance from darkness via a syringe filled with novel mRNA technology developed, manufactured, and delivered at “Warp Speed”? The “Fauci Ouchie,” as “vaccinations” affectionately were called, which promised to end the scourge of Covid.

Even today, those promises—and Covid—are with us still:

There are the constant assurances from so-called “trusted messengers”—doctors, scientists, politicians, media personalities—all contributing their star power to the oft-repeated mantra: “Safe and Effective.”

There is the easy availability anywhere and everywhere: Not only medical offices and pharmacies but also grocery and department stores promote Covid shots and boosters for all, especially the “vaccine hesitant.”

There have been the rewards—social approbation, acceptance, inclusivity, free lottery tickets, groceries, donuts, hamburgers, French fries…

There have also been the punishments for non-compliance: estrangement, ostracism, censure, even reproach from the highest office in the land.

Then there have been the mandates: No jab, no job! No university. No career. Until recently, no military service.

Indeed, there have been all of these.

And then there is Anthony Sanchelli, a San Francisco remodeling contractor, whose reaction to his second Pfizer jab speaks louder, and more poignantly, than any promises, rewards, or reproaches dangled—like so many carrots and sticks—before a captivated populace.

Anthony did not lightly decide to be “vaccinated.” He mentions the unrelenting assault of daily Covid messaging on radio, television, the Internet, billboards—calculating the media blitz at roughly “400 messages per month extending out to approximately 4800 per year. That’s a lot of propaganda!”

However, Covid messaging alone did not persuade Anthony to roll up his sleeve.

The economic implications of lockdowns, especially for an independent small business owner, also weighed heavily. In March of 2020, he recalls a dreamy $386,000 remodeling contract abruptly shelved as the City of San Francisco locked down. As “vaccinations” became available, he debated their merits with his carpenters, wondering “if enough people get the shot, the infection rate will lower, and the City can get back to work.”

But money—or the loss thereof—was still not enough.

For Anthony Sanchelli, the determining factor was far more altruistic. Ultimately, he decided to be “vaccinated” out of love and concern for his elderly parents who enjoy nothing more than having their children and grandchildren gather to share food, drink, and precious time together. “I could not live with myself if I brought this [Covid] home and a family member died,” he recounts.

And so, Anthony overrode his lifelong, white-knuckled phobia of blood-draws and needles. He ignored nagging doubts and misgivings deep in his “own gut.” Despite the “good genetic hand” he had been dealt from long-lived, healthy parents and grandparents, and despite rarely catching even a common cold, Anthony proceeded to Kaiser Permanente and on April 25, 2021, received his first dose of Pfizer’s mRNA Covid “vaccine,” Lot #EW0170. “It took everything I had to get that shot,” he remembers wryly.

Thus Anthony submitted to an injection he neither wanted nor needed. Bona fide, in good faith. Pro bono, for the greater good—or so he believed at the time.

With no adverse effects other than a sore arm, he did not foresee—nor could he have known— what lay in store after receiving his second Pfizer injection, Lot #EW0182, on May 16, 2021.

While at Kaiser that second time, he “actually read the disclosure” and was horrified at the dire warning that “you could die from the shot.” Until that moment, according to Anthony. “I did not realize that shots were being administered under an Emergency Use Authorization. The realization that no one was responsible is unimaginable in a society of laws when someone is liable for everything.”

He continues, “I’m a construction worker. I’ve been on scaffolding four stories high in a San Francisco breeze and unafraid. Tough guy. And busy. I trusted but did not investigate the ‘experts.’”

How he now wishes he had!

Day One after his second dose, presented only the usual soreness at the injection site. Day Two bought flu-like symptoms: fatigue, and fever. Prior to receiving his second Pfizer shot, Anthony—who had been fully and traditionally immunized—had never experienced side effects from a vaccine.

By May 22, 2021, one week had passed with no improvement. Anthony’s flu symptoms were now accompanied by unrelenting headache. Finally, he contacted the Kaiser Permanente doctor who had recommended the “vaccine,” and was advised to be tested for Covid.

On May 27, Covid was ruled out as a cause of his distress: Results were negative.

Finally, on May 31, his fever broke. But it was then that the chest pain started. Anthony, an avid long-distance cycler, had never experienced chest pain. Ever. He knew what he was feeling was “not normal.” Having always avoided Over-The-Counter medicines, he now turned to them for relief, but they had no effect on the symptoms raging throughout his body.

It was not until June 1 that he was able to schedule a second appointment at Kaiser, this time with another doctor. Hoping for help, treatment, relief, answers, Anthony was told that questioning whether the Covid “vaccination” could have caused his symptoms was simply “crazy.”

According to Kaiser, Anthony’s very real and tangible symptoms originated not in his body, but rather in his head!

Nevertheless, more blood work was ordered, and results revealed perfect numbers for a comprehensive panel of tests. Combined with his athletic BMI, Kaiser’s testing indicated a 46 year old man in admirable health.

So what was the problem?

By June 7, just one week later, worsening symptoms drove Anthony back to Kaiser, and another round of blood testing ensued. This time, along with testing for markers of cardiac inflammation, an EKG was performed. Again, results revealed nothing which could be causing his distress.

Alarmed, Anthony asked to see a cardiologist. His request was denied.

Frustrated and frightened, Anthony then cut ties with Kaiser and sought medical care through Blue Shield, hoping that their standard of care would better meet his growing needs.

However, as June transitioned to July, his symptoms only worsened. Brain fog. Fierce burning in both brain and face. Chest pain. In retrospect, it is now clear to Anthony that his body had entered into a cytokine storm and was undergoing an extreme, inflammatory reaction to the “vaccination.” His unnaturally stimulated immune system was locked in an ever-escalating feedback loop:

Memory failed. Vision was impaired. Sensitive to light, he was unable to move or exercise. Chest pain was constant although exasperated by fatigue to which everything—eating, exertion, movement, lack of sleep—contributed. He spent days, weeks in bed, hoping his chest pain would improve, but it only worsened.

By mid-July, to his unimaginable horror, Anthony realized that no doctor would treat him. In fact, no doctor wanted to touch him. And certainly, no doctor would—or could—implicate the Covid “vaccination.”

“I had set sail on a course with an unknown destination. I was alone. Something was controlling my body. I had no hope. I was gutted, cut off from my emotions and thoughts. Gone.”

After a month and a half of debilitation, Anthony confesses, “Lying in bed, a dysfunctional vessel, I became suicidal and had no will to live. With my body so deteriorated, I was already dead—a ghost in a shell.”

Within two months of receiving his second Covid shot, not only Anthony’s body but also his mind and soul had sickened unto death. He recounts the pain of his family—a father watching his son die, his three children seeing their formerly strong, active father bedridden and unimaginably ill.

Fortunately, help presented itself from an unlikely source—the Internet. Anthony discovered online posts from others who—like him—had suffered and sickened after receiving mRNA Covid “vaccines.” People who themselves had been ill for months. Realizing he was “not alone” breathed hope into what had seemed an utterly irredeemable situation.

Scholarly by nature, Anthony began to search for answers. He soon discovered Incell DX, a cutting edge diagnostic company pioneered by Dr. Bruce K. Patterson, formerly Medical Director of Diagnostic Virology at Stanford University Hospitals and Clinics. At his own expense, Anthony arranged Incell testing:

First, he gave blood for a 14 panel cytokine test to identify markers of long-haul Covid. Results were positive.

His blood was then subjected to nucleocapsid testing to determine whether it contained residual proteins from any prior Covid infection. Results were negative.

So, Anthony had never contracted Covid. Yet his blood definitively exhibited cytokines indicating severe, long-haul Covid!

There was only one logical conclusion: Pfizer’s mRNA “vaccine,” Lot #EW0182, was responsible—if not liable—for the dramatic and dire deterioration of his health. The “vaccine” had given Anthony the disease against which it promised to protect!

As if in confirmation, Anthony recalls being contacted “out of the blue” by a San Francisco woman who had read the online account he had posted. Their experiences were shockingly similar: Like Anthony, Heidi has been “in top physical health, a runner, perfect BMI.” Her health, like Anthony’s, had deteriorated severely after the jab. Similar symptoms. Same experiences. Same city. Same Pfizer Lot #EW0182. Coincidence? What are the odds?

Both fortunately and unfortunately, Anthony was indeed not alone.

By this time, he no longer was able to run his remodeling business due to overwhelming fatigue and brain fog; projects had to be scaled back, imposing hardship not only on himself, but also on his workers. Forced to rely on government loans to get by, Anthony had the additional burden of financing his own medical treatment.

It was not until September 2021, that he found a doctor willing and able to treat him. As outlined in the FLCCC (Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance) protocol, a regimen of three drugs was ordered: Prednisone to calm his body’s hyper-inflammatory response; Pravastatin, a cholesterol drug to help protect blood vessels from inflammation; and the much-maligned Nobel Prize winning anti-viral Ivermectin to bind the spike protein which had wreaked such carnage in his body.

One month of treatment brought improvement . But relief was to be short-lived; after just two weeks, Anthony suffered a relapse-the first of many. Up-down. Better-worse. Relief-relapse. This pattern was established and is now a recurring theme in Anthony’s life. Gradually lengthening cycles, however, have allowed him to partially reclaim the life he lost on May 16, 2021.

He walks a balance beam of energy versus activity, stating, “It comes down to managing triggers. If I tire or overload my body, it reverts to that agitated feedback loop and enters a highly inflammatory state.” Think cytokine storm.

The battle, however, is as constant as the chest pain which never really leaves. With no definitive prognosis, Anthony explains that he faces the constant “issue of management.”

After having lost over one million dollar’s worth of projects, Anthony is relieved that he is again able to run his remodeling business.

He again rides his bike—but not on his former long breezy route over the Golden Gate Bridge, through the Marin Headlands, to the beach, then back to the City’s waterfront and up and down its hills. Those days are gone.

His horizons now are constrained by his energy, his heart, the specter of inflammation, and the ever-present relapses which always, unfortunately, return.

Nevertheless, Anthony is “grateful for any improvement.” Having always “taken responsibility for my own health and well-being,” he continually attempts to understand what happened in his body after that second injection—and what can be done to remedy the ravages it caused.

He has somehow found the grace to believe that even from bad, good can proceed. He professes a “renewed vigor at life. All-out in 2023,” he promises, “health permitting! I am thankful for being still alive.”

Amazingly, he displays no bitterness or animosity toward those who contributed to his suffering even though he fears that his damaged immune system will someday be unable to do its job, musing, “I believe my life will ultimately be shortened by some as yet unknown side effect of the ‘vaccine.’”

Anthony Sanchelli acted in good faith when he chose to receive the “vaccine.”

But did Pfizer act in good faith haphazardly rushing its mRNA “vaccine” to market at “Warp Speed”? Did it act in good faith subverting industry-standard safety trials? Or did the Pharma giant act not in good—but rather in bad—faith?
Did the FDA act in bad faith when it sought a court injunction to keep secret 55,000 pages of internal Pfizer data regarding those safety trials? For 75 years?

Did the CDC act in bad faith by not following the science when it recommended measures such as masking, distancing, lockdowns?

Did the media act in bad faith when it failed to vet fear from fact?

Did Big Tech act in bad faith when it censored and de-platformed alternative voices, thus depriving the citizenry of crucial information when it was needed most?

Did Kaiser act in bad faith when it administered Covid shots without true and authentic informed consent?

Did those in power act in bad faith when they mandated “vaccinations,” forcing those affected to either comply or lose jobs, careers, educations?

But this is not a story of bad faith. Rather, this is a story of good faith treated badly.

It is the honest account of one man who—acting ethically—was compromised and injured by those he trusted, and whose life has been indelibly altered as a result.

Writer’s Note:

Although Anthony possesses extensive documentation of the events herein described, endnotes were not included as part of this account. For if his factual and truthful testimony is not to be believed, prima facie, then why would endnotes be?

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