US Nursing Home Data Shows Covid Vaccines Made Things Much Worse

By Steve Kirsch


This is a very important article. Perhaps the most important article I’ve written to date.

In a nutshell, I analyzed the “gold standard” official US nursing home data and gave the vaccine every benefit of the doubt by analyzing it under “best case conditions” when the vaccine matched the variant, and soon after the vaccine was given so that it would be before the protection waned and a booster would be required. If the vaccine worked as claimed, there should have been a huge drop in the infection fatality rate (IFR) and this data would be covered in every mainstream media outlet in the world.

This didn’t happen because the data clearly shows the opposite: a dramatic increase in the IFR post vaccination; it nearly doubled: odd ratio (OR)=1.75.

There is no way for them to explain this away. This is why the CDC never referenced this data even though it has been available for years.

If this data could be analyzed in any way that is positive for the vaccine, they would have done this.

So you don’t even have to read my analysis or even agree with any of it; the very fact that they have said nothing in the 2 years since this data was first made available about THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT “gold standard” data shows you CLEARLY that the data didn’t support their narrative. (…)

The CMS data shows that the vaccines were a disaster for the elderly 3 different ways:

Short-term death rate of 25% or more: People died instantly or shortly after the shot was given. For example, at Annandale Care Center, MN, 8 people died on the day of the shot. The facility only has only 60 beds but at the time the facility was less than half full at 29 beds. So that is HUGE. That’s a same day death rate from the jab of 28% if everyone got the jab and it’s a higher rate if not everyone got the jab. This is crazy dangerous. But not all facilities get the same batch so that’s why the same-day kill rate can be very high at a single facility and lower at other facilities. Note: Annandale Healthcare Center was in the news and is a much larger facility, but is not the facility I just described, so be careful when fact checking this.

Up to 2X higher likelihood of dying from COVID short term and an increased risk of catching COVID as well: Residents got a compromised immune system from the jab, so they got COVID and died from COVID in record numbers. For example, at Apple Valley Village Health Care Center (AVV) in MN, there were 90 COVID cases in the first 3 weeks of Jan 2021, and at least 28 people died as a result of those infections. Yet in all of 2020, there were just 27 COVID cases and not a single death from COVID. At AVV, they went from a 0:27 death:infection track record (pre-vax) to 28:90 in just 3 weeks right after the jab was given at the end of December 2020. Same facility. Same COVID variant. Why was the COVID infection-fatality rate (IFR) so drastically different with the same variant, the same facility, and the same resident population? I wanted to know the answer to that but everyone at AVV refused to return any of my calls. But we see this in other places. The only thing that makes any sense is that it was the vaccine because it checks all the boxes. No other hypothesis has been offered. The good news is the doubling of the COVID IFR appears to be temporary as the IFR was only 20% higher in the months after the shots were given.

Up to 34% higher overall mortality risk for years post-jab: The jabs have permanently (or at least long term) weakened the immune system of all the recipients, young and old, so they are dying at a higher rate overall post-jab. On a small scale, you can see this in the Apple Valley deaths, for example (see the Apple Valley section below). On a larger scale, you can see this in all the excess deaths being reported such as BBC headlines the UK having their highest excess deaths in 50 years or in this article showing that kids 35-44 year olds are now dying at a rate 34% higher than before. That is a MASSIVE change. How can medical authorities be unable to explain the cause and fix it? Simple: they are not permitted to blame the vaccine so this will be a mystery forever. And they will never reveal the vaccination status of the kids who are dying because that would be a privacy violation. However, if you are unvaccinated and die, the news media is free to report that. Have you noticed that for all these sudden deaths and cardiac arrests, they never say “…and he was not vaccinated.”

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