Vaccine Injury Is Real

By David Halpin FRCS

William Makis MD – Canadian physician with expertise in radiology, oncology and immunology, writes frequently in Global Research on the tragic outcomes of ‘covid’ “vaccination”. This most recent posting is especially alarming. Most of his posts have been to do with sudden death in individuals – earlier in young physicians in Canada, and among athletes worldwide, and usually from ‘cardiac’ events.*

I wrote to friends on my main e-mail list: To good friends and Professor Anthony Pollard who conceived in a reported ‘light bulb’ moment how this vile material could be used to trigger an immune response to the spike protein forming the ‘corona’ of an engineered corona virus (coronaviridae family first characterised in the 60s).

We do not know whether these very expert persons, these pilots, with many thousands of fellow humans in their hands, received the toxic junk. But a causal relationship is highly likely given the ‘mandates/threats’ for jabbing by most commercial airlines.

But in this parish is a friend – a Scot, and previously a fit and bright man.

He took the AstraZeneca/Oxford toxins to protect his nurse daughter who has had recurrent bouts of respiratory trouble  – cough, fever and listlessness (related to flu junk?). Soon after he noted increased deafness in his left ear and deafness in the right and dizziness.

He suffered an infarct (death) of the skin and fat down to the left Achilles tendon soon after, and similar in his penis. A stupid diagnosis of cancer was made for the latter. He was left with a stump for a penis. He has been ‘under’ the Royal Devon & Exeter DGH ever since, district nurses attending to the very painful ulcer on the calf – still present at 2 years +. Now lying in bed mostly, in the dark – for a severe and constant headache.  Multiple pathology – including a pituitary tumour with diabetes insipidus etc. His active wife who also had the toxins is fine – or did she have a placebo? – as many have, so they could announce they were ‘fine’ so as to encourage the hesitant. She thinks he is dying.

I could write of others in this parish – one on chemotherapy for an ovarian tumour at 76. A very fit spinster.  And a 25 yr old – very fit. Wanted the Pfizer ‘shot’ but at Redditch ”’vaccination centre”’ – not say in Salisbury Cathedral with the organ playing, the ‘nurse’ said that there was no Pf there but the AS was as good! The ventilator was switched off at the Queen Elizabeth regional centre at 11 days.  Multiple cerebral clots and haemorrhages.  Coroner’s inquest reported in our local Mid-Devon Advertiser about a year ago. Death was due to the ‘vaccination’, which I said from the start was unnecessary and experimental – given no third phase trial.

I add another, a man I know in the parish of Combe-in-Teignhead where we lived until 2000. He was fit at c.75 until he had the AstraZeneca/Oxford product, and as common and criminal, without informed consent. I learned the other day that he had suffered Ménière’s’s syndrome – tinnitus, some deafness and intermittent vertigo from age 28, but he drove big vehicles in a quarry all his working life. Following the shot, I cannot recall whether first or second, his deafness in the L ear increased, and his R became deaf. He lost his sight in the L eye at the same time. I imagine from thrombosis of vein or artery. He attended the Eye department at Torbay hospital but as usual any connection to the jab was not discussed. I continue to see him walking his dog, but now he is suffering intense vertigo with vomiting. He is being given an anti-emetic. Last time I saw him, still with a ready smile, he had lost consciousness at breakfast and had a carpet burn where his forehead hit the floor. He got his wife to measure his BP immediately he recovered – normal. But he is on two drugs for hypertension, and it is possible that hypotension was the cause. I advised him to ask the one GP, a young lady, whom he trusted to focus on this possibility. His wife had no ill effect of the jabbing at the same time as his. Placebo? He was a fit man until he had this toxic jab.

I am still to finish my investigation of a possible causal relationship between 2 AZ/Oxford ‘jabs’ and the fast and completely resistant rectal cancer our dear Fiona died of 3 months ago:

And the last to the GMC re Professor Pollard:  

The fascist GMC does not answer. You need to know that the Medical Benevolent Fund which we have contributed to over years is being called on more and more by doctors in distress.

*Among other ill effects of ‘spike protein’ is inflammation of the wonderfully slippery lining of our veins and arteries – the intima. This causes platelets to cluster on the walls, leading to clots.

This was a central pathology in my belief. The D dimer test, if done soon after the insult/thrombus, will help confirm the pathology. In his case it was much delayed and he never knew the result.

It’s like the Holocaust – An Answer to David’s Email

By Christopher King

Please accept again my sympathy at your and Sue’s loss of Fiona.

Yesterday I took up with my new GP surgery the toe and lower leg numbness/ pins and needles with slight lip flaccidty that followed lower leg swelling a few weeks after my second Astazenica shot. The GPs at my last practice refused to accept that it could be caused by the ‘vaccines’ and I foolishly allowed myself to be persuaded to take a Pfizer booster. I’ve switched GP surgeries and although the new guy doesn’t know anything about vaccine injuries at least he was willing to give me a referral to Prof Beverley Hunt at St Thomas’s Haematolgy. Hopefully she’ll see me. She was on the panel that compiled the NICE guidance for treating vaccine induced thrombosis that is a possibility. I had originally thought that it might be Guillain–Barré and we discussed this. I thought that I had a normal D-Dimer among others but I can’t find the test. Because it hasn’t cleared up and I’ve become more aware of it I’m going for microthrombosis first. At least Prof Hunt acknowledges that vaccine injury exists which is a good start.

Will let you know how I get on. I suppose that having had the shots one is never completely out of the woods. I’m using fasting with items from the FLCCC protocol to try to clear up the damage and spike protein. I bought some ivermectin for current prophylaxis and treatment against Covid and the next Big Pharma attack.

It’s like the Holocaust. We couldn’t believe that people could do this sort of thing to each other. I see that Andrew Bridgen is doing a big meeting in Leicester on Saturday. I’d go if I had good company such as yourself to talk to on the way..

BTW, I hope Andrew Pollard reads this. I watched his evidence with Wendy Barclay of SAGE to the 16 June 2021 Science and Technology Select Committee .Rubbish from both. The guy is totally compromised and should be in prison for life with Johnson, Vallance, Whitty, the SAGE lot and Fauchi’s crowd. They’re mass murderers. All we needed was health advice, vitamin D3, zinc and ivermectin. Even without ivermectin deaths would have been drastically reduced. With it they would have been no worse than ‘flu.

Follow up email:

Half an hour ago I sent an email to my niece in Austrialia about my sister’s daughter’s death two days ago of breast cancer. I don’t know her vaccination status but with the spike in ‘deaths from other causes’ its probably relevant.

I hadn’t thought to mention it in my email yesterday. These events are so disastrous that it’s hard to get them integrated into normal thought. The truth is that our situation is a long way from normal.

My Vaccine Injury update

By anonymous

Unfortunately symptoms are getting progressively worse,
They are wide and varied.
My body always feels heavy (paralysed).
Constant migraines.
A pressure feeling in head and behind eyes.
The slightest stimulation of sound or light overwhelms me,
Can throw me into a crash for hours or even days.
Simply lifting a limb saps all my energy.
Lying resting in a darkened room,
Absolutely motionless,
Scared to move a muscle,
As to keep pain to a minimum,
Also trying to save every ounce of energy,
So I can accomplish the most basic of tasks.
Letting all other plans gently fade away.
My body’s autonomic function,
Doesn’t seem to work anymore.
I feel ravenous,
But the food disgusts me.
Sometimes I can’t function properly,
Even to open my mouth and speak,
Or sometimes having to gasp for air.
My body creates zero energy,
But I sleep 16-20hrs a day,
Yet I never feel fresh,
Or strangely some days I can’t sleep because I’m so exhausted.
Trying to predict if I can function,
Not day to day, but minute to minute,
Is impossible.
My concentration levels,
Are almost non-existent.
For example:- If I look at a letter,
All I see are jumbled words,
I can’t make sense of them.
Or if someone speaks,
I hear them, but can’t understand.
Treating Chronic Illness as the enemy,
Drains the living daylights out me,
Well what little energy I have.
Like it or not, this is happening to me.
Everyone’s life has its challenges,
I have to find the strength to give in to it.
Trying to find a measure of peace,
In these less than ideal circumstances.
Notice I say give in and NOT GIVE UP!
If you got this far thanks from myself and my family for all the help, support and love.
Again we’re not looking for any sympathy, just making sure the Injured are HEARD.

Feel free to like and share.

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