Pfizer Lied – Covid ‘Vaccine’ Causing Cancer!

We warned you about this killer ‘vaccine’ … before they even began the roll-out!

Dr David Bull:

“Do no harm comes first.”

“Any vaccine that needs a booster is no vaccine!”

“Pfizer LIED About Covid-19 Jabs” – Watchdog Accuses Pfizer Of Promoting ‘Unlicensed Vaccine’

The UK’s pharmaceutical watchdog has accused Pfizer of damaging the industry’s reputation by using social media to promote an “unlicensed” Covid vaccine.

Pfizer has breached the regulatory code five times, including making misleading claims, failing to uphold high standards, and promoting unlicensed medicines.

The ruling by the Prescription Medicines Code of Practice Authority (PMCPA) follows a complaint about a message posted on social media in November 2020 by senior Pfizer employees.

The complaint raised concerns about Pfizer’s improper use of social media to promote their Covid vaccine in violation of regulations.

This behavior was found to be more widespread than initially believed and extended to the highest levels of Pfizer’s UK operation.

Dr David Bull and Dr Renee Hoenderkamp speak with doctor and Professor of oncology Angus Dalgleish. (TalkTV/YT)

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