Chemtrails and GeoEngineering: Destroying Forests and Blocking the Sun

By Agent131711:

A 2008 Document that they tried to scrub because it shows evil, powerful people with diabolical plans to completely destroy the ecosystem… to “fight climate change”…because, yeah, that makes sense.

I wonder why The Counsel on Foreign Relations scrubbed this document…

To begin, you’re probably like, “Who is the Council on Foreign Relations?”, to which I reply, “Well, it depends. Do you want the description that appears on Google or would you rather have me tell you that it’s an organization that is balls-deep in everything, including the United Nations?”

That’s all you need to know. So, now that you’re aware of who the CFR is, let me tell ya about today’s topic. It was at one of their workshops, (in Washington DC, of course), that more plans for GeoEngineering were discussed. Now keep in mind, this was 2008, and GeoEngineering had been going on for around 100 years, but the vast majority of GeoEngineering operations have all been performed under the military (and as of 2023, they still are, with few exceptions). The ultimate goal is to make GeoEngineering completely public so tax dollars can openly fund it, patent holders can rake in their long-awaited riches, huge government contracts can be awarded, and, most importantly, the government and media won’t have to keep trying to convince people that this is normal:

For real though, the people asking questions and researching the sky is becoming such a massive problem for the gov and the media that, after spending years investing in PSYOPS campaigns (that are specifically designed to make you believe your memory is wrong and you are not seeing what you are seeing), they are now discussing criminalizing “chemtrail” content to get people to shut up… until the programs can be made public. (…)

The lack of sun in Detroit has become so bad that we had to buy a grow light for our windowsill plants, which is utter insanity in itself. I now have a friggin’ growlight hanging in my window…the same window which plants have sat in for 15 years. Imagine that.

Insects, such as bees, use the sun as a compass. Combine the lack of sun + chemtrails + 5G EMF and you end up with “Colony Collapse Disorder”, which was first reported in 2006. This means the bees completely abandoned their hive, therefore abandoning their queen and the eggs.

The ONLY WAY people can get REAL Vitamin D is from the sun. It can not come from a chemical in a bottle. There is no chemical that is the same as sun. BTW, Big Pharma makes “vitamins”, which is a huge rabbit hole that we will be discussing soon.

No sun literally means DEATH, exactly as planned. #Agenda2050.

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