Chris Whitty Challenged During Lecture and Piers Corbyn Forcibly Removed from People’s Question Time

This event took place at People’s Question Time Camden, a public event meant to promote transparency of the London Mayor’s office. Gucharan asked a question about the Covid scam, and his question was dismissed. He verbally insisted it was answered. In the middle of this exchange, numerous security guards rapidly descended on Gucharan and manhandled him out of the event. Piers and others verbally expressed their support of Gucharan and outrage at this action. Piers was then also dragged out onto the street,

‚Ā£Livestream of security guards at Sadiq Khan’s People’s Question time man handling Gurcharan Singh and Piers Corbyn out if the building for trying to ask questions about the covid scam. They jammed our livestream. A lot of the audience seemed planted. (Piers Corbyn/Brandnewtube)