Complaint Issued at Court of Rome against WHO

Criminal Complaints filed with the Court of Rome against World Health Organization and the Italian Health Minister

Back in July 2020 Vincit Leo launched a press conference in Rome which was called ‘Delenda OMS’ (The WHO Must Be Destroyed). The press conference featured leading Italian lawyers, scientists, politicians, and a pre-prepared statement from Monsignor Carlo Maria Viganò which was read out on his behalf.

Here are excerpts from the Vicit Leo newsletter:

“This press conference served to publicly launch the professional association, which is made up of experts in the fields of natural science, law and ethics. Amongst those in attendance at the conference were some journalists from a well-known investigative TV documentary programme produced by Italy’s publicly-owned national broadcaster RAI. Acting on some information provided by Vicit Leo at the press conference these journalists began their own investigation which resulted at the end of November in a major documentary exposé of the WHO and their collaborators. The documentary sent shock-waves around Italy, exposing, as it did, the corrupt collusion between the WHO, the Health Dictatorship and the Italian State: an unholy alliance between the upper echelons of the WHO and the Italian Ministry of Health; international diplomatic incidents; misuse of funds; and the possible manslaughter of tens of thousands of Italian citizens.

At the same time as the documentary aired, our legal association was preparing twenty-four serious criminal accusations to be pursued against those who implement the criminal directives of the Health Dictatorship.

The WHO, which do not forget is an official UN body, was so rattled that it is claiming diplomatic immunity for its people against criminal prosecution. So, unfortunately, it looks like WHO employees can not be prosecuted at this time.

But we have also filed criminal complaints with the Court of Rome against the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, and against representatives of the Technical Scientific Committee and the Higher Institute of Health.

In our case it’s not just that we have to somehow find large sums of money to prepare and pursue legal actions, but our activity and that of our collaborators has resulted in dawn raids and arrests of people on extremely spurious charges. One of the speakers at the ‘Delenda OMS’ conference has even been subjected to criminal-type sanctions without him even being charged, convicted or sentenced for any specific crime relating to this enforced punishment. The Italian authorities have declared that he is prevented from organising, attending or promoting any demonstrations for three years! What is the terrible ‘crime’ that has brought about this draconian attempt to silence him? Simply because they accuse him of organising and participating in numerous street actions to obstruct and hinder the implementation of the Great Reset. As far back as March 2020 he and others were arrested for physically attempting to keep the churches open during lockdown, and apprehended on the way to seek Mass (which was banned) at Santa Maria Maggiore on Easter Sunday. But this time they do not even arrest him for anything. They simply levy (surely illegal) sanctions against him under threat of arrest if he organises or attends any street protests.”

Read a summary of the relevant points of the writ presented to the Tribunal of Rome against the Ministry of Health and the World Health Organisation here: Vicit Leo – Criminal Complaint Summary

Watch the report on Rai 3 (in Italian).

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