Covid Is the Most Extreme Example of Disaster ‘Capitalism’ in History

In Doppelgänger, Naomi Klein scapegoats Naomi Wolf for the sins of Klein’s father

Book review by Toby Rogers

I. Introduction

Watching my former heroes succumb to fascism is one of the most heartbreaking aspects of the iatrogenocide. Naomi Klein was once my favorite public intellectual. I’ve seen her speak in person several times. She’s the scholar I most sought to emulate. But during the pandemic she became a Pharma fascist. This book review is the story of how she unwittingly went from fierce critic of capitalism to a shameless defender of its worst aspects….

Covid is the most extreme example of “disaster capitalism” in history. Disaster capitalism is defined as, “the practice of taking financial advantage of natural or human-made disasters and unstable social, political, or economic situations.” Creating a gain-of-function virus, releasing it, and blocking access to safe & effective treatments to create the market for the most deadly vaccine in history IS taking financial advantage of a human-made disaster.

Since the publication of Shock Doctrine in 2007, Naomi A. Klein has rightly been seen as the foremost public intellectual in the world on the topic of disaster capitalism. It appears that she coined the term with an article in The Nation in 2005. For the next fifteen years, Ms. Klein did more to bring the world’s attention to this troubling new form of capitalist exploitation than anyone else.

But during the Covid catastrophe, Ms. Klein disappeared from public view. She did not follow the money, she did not break any major new stories, she did not speak out against the profiteering nor the destruction of civil liberties. Because she never challenged the powers that be, Ms. Klein was never banned from social media, never deplatformed, and never demonetized. Ms. Klein was a non-playing character during what should have been the defining moment in her career.

Now with the publication of Doppelganger: A Trip into the Mirror World, we discover what Ms. Klein was up to for the last three years. It turns out that Ms. Klein occupied herself during the pandemic by stalking Dr. Naomi R. Wolf.

I wish I was joking. It fills me with sadness to even type those words. But it’s true. By her own admission Ms. Klein ignored her aging parents; did not campaign much for her husband who ran for a seat in the Canadian parliament (he lost); and stopped working on any aspect of corporate power, climate change, or disaster capitalism — so that she could listen to Dr. Wolf’s appearances on Steve Bannon’s Covid War Room and track Dr. Wolf’s every move across alternative media.

When Ms. Klein told her agent that she had spent the pandemic stalking Dr. Wolf, that should have been interpreted as a cry for help. She needed a good therapist. Instead, legendary publisher Farrar, Straus and Giroux gave Ms. Klein a book deal. Doppelganger attempts to explain how Dr. Wolf lost her way amidst the pandemic. But, unwittingly, the book explains how Ms. Klein lost her way, even before the pandemic. The book is a disaster that will leave a permanent stain on Ms. Klein’s legacy. The only silver lining is that it gives us a very detailed look inside the mind of a Covidian.

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