Deagel’s Mysterious Forecast for 2025

In 2020, at the beginning of covid, a population forecast on revealed some disturbing numbers. According to the forecast, several countries, especially in Western Europe, showed a significant decline in population by 2025.

While this information began to circulate wildly on the internet, removed the forecast from its website (still available in archived versions—see here).

But questions still remain unanswered.

If this was only a hypothetical forecast, why do certain countries show such significant decreases? According to the forecast, the UK population would shrink to a quarter of its current size. How could this be achieved? If not by some kind of natural catastrophe (which is rather unlikely) then only through mass exterminations…

Craig Paardekooper, who obtained the forecast data before it had been removed, calculated the percentage population reductions for each country, and the results are remarkable.

The 26 countries with the largest population reduction are mostly Western countries, including all G7 countries. UK, USA and Ireland belong to the top three.

You can view his calculations here: Deagel Analysis

At the end of his analysis he concludes:

If Deagel is an accurate forecast then

  1. It is extremely dangerous to stay in UK, USA or Germany – the epicentres of this slaughter – the places where they make the vaccines (4 in 5 will die here)
  2. G7 countries in general are a bad idea (1 in 3 will die at best)
  3. European countries in general are unsafe.
  4. The Eastern European countries, appear to be the safer—Romania, Belize, Czechia, Lithuania, Finland, Hungry, Latvia
  5. There are quite a number of countries where there is no culling

In summary:
It is advised that people temporarily distance themselves from UK, USA and Germany. These governments are planning the utter destruction of their own populations. And most are complying—it is almost like a suicide cult.

(Craig Paardekooper is a pharmaceutical science’s student at Kingston University. He is a member of NHS Staff for Choice—a group of 2400 doctors, nurses and research staff who believe that vaccination should be by consent, and there should be no restrictions imposed on those who refuse it. He is the creator of How Bad Is My Batch.)

Population 2025 (Drift Simulator/YT):