Mass Murder

‘Matt Hancock the Murderer’ – Former Health Secretary Confronted on the Underground

Geza Tarjanyi Confronts MP Matt Hancock in London Underground (Citizen Syd/YT): Backup video and longer version (RoseArcana/Bitchute): See also: Matt Hancock Might Want Us to Forget, But I Won’t Matt Hancock Confronted With Nuremberg Code Nursing Home Residents Were Given Deadly Euthanasia Cocktails Did the ‘First Wave’ Mean the Mass Murder of the Elderly With

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Net Zero Has Nothing to Do With Climate but Has Everything to Do With Control of the World Population and Global Resources

By Douglas Brodie Introduction The Powers That Be (TPTB) showed their true colours during the Covid “plandemic” through their proven lies, fearmongering psy-ops, false propaganda, censoring, cancelling of dissidents, coercions such as the vaccine mandate of “no jab, no job” and turning a collective blind eye to the horrendous Covid vaccine injuries. All this for

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