Mass Murder

Unelected Rishi Sunak Gaslighting the British People

Neil Oliver tears into ‘unelected puppet’ Rishi Sunak for ‘gaslighting’ the British people: Neil Oliver says that after years of neglect, politicians are starting to feel afraid as their poor decisions catch up with them. (GBNews/YT) George Galloway: ‘I despise the prime minister’: Sky’s deputy political editor Sam Coates spoke to George Galloway who has

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The Snake Head Has Been Cut Off – Must Watch Video!

Disclosure: The covid psyop borne with Swiss Government support. The largest ever executed crime against humanity. This was the kiss of death for Switzerland’s political democracy now getting deleted in 2024 by U.S. military operation. (neutralswiss/Rumble) From the comments on Rumble: In Dec 2022, the FDA said: From 1 Jan 2023, ALL “traditional vaccines” will

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Journalist’s Explosive Testimony Reveals the Media’s Criminal Conspiracy To Commit Genocide

Rodney Palmer’s explosive testimony before the Citizen’s Inquiry is showing not only proof that the CBC and other media organizations have become completely corrupted, but the actual mechanisms and means on how that corruption happened. This is damning, and precisely the kind of evidence that will be presented in crimes against humanity trials. There’s a

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