Link Between Massive Drop in Birth Rates and mRNA Vaccines is Undeniable – 3 Million More Disabled Americans

The Link Between the Massive Drop in Birth Rates and mRNA Vaccines is Undeniable Shouldn’t the alarm bells be ringing? Why haven’t the authorities long since swung into action to assure the public that a full independent public investigation is well underway? To a critical ear, the silence is as deafening as it is worrying.

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Blah, Blah Blaire Talks About Digital Infrastructure to Distribute a ‘Whole Slew of New Vaccines’

100 Days to Outrace the Next Pandemic – Davos 2023 (World Economic Forum/YT): The WEF asks: Creating safe and effective vaccines in 100 days is estimated to give economies and societies a chance of containing the next outbreak before it spreads. What will it take to get there? It will take digital slavery and a

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WEF: ‘Billions Who Obeyed Lockdowns and Mask Mandates Will Also Comply With Social Credit Scheme’

It has finally been revealed – and we knew this all along – that Covid-19 lockdowns, mask mandates and other associated plandemic tyranny was a “test” to determine whether or not the world is ready for a new globalist system of “social credit score” control. It turns out that billions of people passed that test,

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