Debbie Hicks – the Woman Arrested For Filming an Empty Hospital During Lockdown

My name is Debbie Hicks and for the last year I have been an activist for free speech and for our basic freedoms and rights against lockdowns.

On the 29th December 2020 I was handcuffed with my hands behind my back and aggressively arrested (while undressed, in my own home) for filming an empty Gloucester Royal Hospital. I was held by the police in custody until late at night, forced to give my DNA against my will and my family were told I was mentally ill.

I have been charged with a Public Order Offence under ‘harassment’ for filming the empty hospital. The police have also put forward for upon conviction, a criminal behaviour order that can be used to stop me protesting.

This case could be one of the most important free speeches cases of the time we are living in and we have to present a very good defence. My legal team are fighting this case with me to defend the right to free speech. If they find me guilty, it could mean more activists are not allowed to question or criticise current developments and that arrests and charges for saying something unpopular or against the government could become normal.

My legal team will be presenting my defence under the Human Rights Act and as I have been subject to other disproportionate arrests, charges and police intimidation, using a defence of political harassment.

I need your help as I am running out of my own funds to fight this and other charges I face for protest and action.

Once we reach the initial target of £3k, this will pay my defence team to gather evidence for the trial and for communications to do so. The further amount required of £3k will be to pay for counsel and other costs for the day of the trial and concluding communications. So altogether I need to raise £6000.

I hope you can help. Thank you so much for your support.

From the Crowd Justice homepage:

In January, we published a post about her filming in the empty Gloucestershire hospital department: