Playing God – ‘The NHS Has Become a Killing Machine’

Playing God is a profoundly moving documentary that dives into the heart-wrenching journeys of families who have lost their loved ones to end-of-life drugs.Jacqui Deevoy, co-producer and presenter of the Ickonic film ‘A Good Death?’ has teamed up with award-winning directors Naeem and Ash Mahmood and co-producer Phil Graham to create this jaw-dropping exposé on

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Journalist Exposes the Satanic Destruction of the Transgender Agenda

In-Depth Analysis of The ‘De-Transition’ Movement: Get an inside glimpse into the horrific and destructive world of the transgender agenda like never before, which has left an entire generation of young people mutilated, sterilized, and clinically depressed. Now, Christian journalist Brandon Showalter is exposing the transgender movement by documenting a series of men and women

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The Mind Virus

By Ray Wilson New York Herald Tribune, November 29, 1953. “Scientist killed in Hotel Plunge: Frank Olson, 42, a bacteriologist for the Defence Department in Washington, was killed early yesterday in a plunge from a tenth-story room at the Hotel Statler, Seventh Ave. and 33rd Street, police reported.” “It’s interesting about Special Operations and MKULTRA

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