Do Not Fall For the Mask Charade

On the December 29th 2022, both Kettering and Northampton General Hospitals announced that they would – once again – be asking all patients and visitors to wear a mask “due to a significant increase in Covid, flu, RSV and norovirus infections”. Despite the generalised wearing of face coverings being ineffectual in reducing viral spread, and despite the accumulating evidence of the harms (physical, social and psychological) associated with them, it is clear that a few mask zealots – many embedded in our healthcare system – are continuing to promote this senseless practice. And this obsession with covering our faces, as stubbornly espoused by a few NHS Trusts, has consequences. In combination with the way that masks have strengthened psychologically-manipulative ‘nudges’ to frighten and shame us into compliance with state diktats, this double whammy is prone to evoke crazy behaviour in some otherwise ordinary people.

Allow me to illustrate with a couple of recent personal experiences.

I was sitting outside a beachside café with a friend. A woman at a nearby table was eating while putting her mask on between mouthfuls: repeatedly touching her moist strip of plastic as she removed it, handling her food with her sodden mitts, and repeatedly touching her moist strip of plastic as she put it back on. My friend coughed, triggering rage in our fellow diner who subjected my friend to a tirade of abuse before storming out, threatening to report us.

My partner and I had ‘ordinary’ colds on the day a boiler man was due to visit to do work on our central heating system. As we knew the boiler man very well, I phoned to let him know we had colds and, straight away, he wanted to know if it was Covid. I told him no and suggested he postpone. He proposed we all wear masks for the four hours he anticipated it would take to complete the repair. Did he really expect us to cough and sneeze into masks for this prolonged period? Yuk! Instead, we opted to go on a long walk as it was a lovely sunny day.

Based on these experiences it appears that public health messaging throughout the Covid era has erased our memories of what routine life was like prior to this period. So here are reminders:

Cough: a natural bodily reflex habitually used to keep the airways clear.

Cold: a common, mild viral infection of the nose and throat.

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