Don’t Die of Ignorance

Here are excerpts from a 17-page document sent to us by Ivan Fraser. You can download the full text as a PDF here: Covid Truths Part 2

In July 2021 I wrote an article under anonymity, providing the background to Covid-19, the disease that results from infection by the SARS-C0V-2 virus. I provided information from some of the leading experts in the scientific community on the origins of the virus, and the subsequent problems associated with the vaccination programme. It is advisable that you read that document first to ensure you have a solid understanding of the following article:

Many of the effective treatments for Covid are some of the safest natural substances and medications that exist. They are also amongst the cheapest. And every medical agency on the globe has been aware of this since the outbreak. Meaning that the whole world has been held to ransom in fear and confusion by governments and medical authorities who have knowingly allowed people to become ill and die unnecessarily. (…)

Why, you may rightly ask, have we allowed ourselves to come so far down the path to global fascism orchestrated by governments in league with pharmaceutical companies who have held us all to ransom on the basis of the biggest lie that has been perpetrated in our lifetime?

Look around you. Do you see that we are living in a Twilight Zone reality more akin to George Orwell’s 1984 than any form of reality you hitherto assumed you were in?
Your perceptions of what has happened and is happening, have been carefully designed to herd you into believing a series of lies that have generated so much fear that you have simply allowed the interests of big business to destroy your freedom.

You have been encouraged at every turn, using every psychological, statistical, political and financial trick in the book, to avert your eyes and mind away from the simple truth: Covid is and always was curable. (…)

You MUST resist the propaganda and the brainwashing from government scientists, medical agencies, pharmaceutical companies and their tools in the mainstream media. If you do not it may well be you lying alone in a hospital bed struggling to breath, surrounded by anonymous masked individuals who have elected not to treat you with known cheap effective medicines and nutrients. It may be your families and loved ones whose hearts are broken, their minds traumatized and their lives ruined, as they are prevented from even holding your hand as you suffer in a hospital prison somewhere.

Moreover, you may well be one of the very tools they use to introduce further illegal mandates to restrict or abolish freedoms that our forefathers fought to preserve. Do not think all this will be over and that we will get back to normal. Do not think that it’s only the unvaccinated whose freedoms they will destroy; that it is only the healthcare workers who they will sack for not taking illegal mandatory vaccines that are still in the experimental phase. Do not think they will not come for you to continue to take further enforced medication that has no benefit and has risks massively disproportionate to benefit.

Do not believe you are safe.
Do not believe that you are not on the edge of Orwell’s dystopia governed by a handful of overreaching private companies that currently have even Prime Ministers and Presidents in their pockets.

Wake up. Wake up now. The time is short.

Read the full text here: Covid Truths Part 2