Don’t Kill Cash

‘Let’s fight back. Our leaders need to know that the people have spoken.’

Patrick Christys is calling on YOU to help with GB News’ campaign:

Don’t Kill Cash

Britain is fast becoming a cashless society. In the wake of the Covid pandemic, more and more shops, cafes and pubs are choosing to only accept card payments. And with the rise of Apple and Google Pay, vulnerable people who rely on cash are increasingly being left behind by the relentless march of technology.

More than five million adults still rely on cash in the UK and it’s used in six billion transactions every year, but there are strong vested interests pushing for it to be permanently replaced by debit and credit cards and other electronic payments. These cost you more in the long-run and enable 3rd parties to track you and your spending.

I call on the Government to introduce legislation to protect the status of cash as legal tender and as a widely accepted means of payment in the UK until at least 2050.

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GB News launches ‘Don’t Kill Cash’ campaign:

I am very much onboard with preventing the government from killing off the private transactions that cash allows. But will a petition be the answer or do we have to look for an alternative non-government cash arrangement? (Richard Vobes/YT)

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