Preparing for Digital Currencies

From the video: Everyone on this site is already aware that part of the globalist agenda is to phase out cash and bring in digital currencies like Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). If they succeed, they will know exactly when, where and what you spend your money on. They’ll also have the ability to restrict your spending for whatever reason they want. Do you remember when Trudeau froze people’s bank accounts just for donating to the Canadian truckies? That’s a small insight into the type of control these power-hungry globalists want.

Before I got into the tips, I have one very simple thing to say: The key is that we all say NO together! No matter what they try, we must say “NO” at the same time!

I am not an expert on money or bartering! However, it can’t hurt to at least start thinking and talking about what you would do in this scenario.

Assuming you refuse to get any form of digital ID or digital currency, and you can no longer work or go grocery shopping…what would you do? You don’t have to know the answer right now, but there’s no harm in thinking and talking about it. Doing this will provide you peace of mind and prepare you, so you can say “NO” when/if this scenario plays out.

Start planning; even if this scenario doesn’t play out, what harm is there in planning?

  1. If you have spare money to purchase gold and silver, consider that. The smaller pieces could be very useful for bartering.
  2. What is something you can grow or make now that would be good for bartering? Maybe start becoming an expert in just one vegetable or one type of alcohol, or start to stock up on an item that might be good for bartering like coffee, tobacco, tea etc.
  3. Network locally with people who are already growing their own food or have a skill that will be useful in this scenario. Help them in exchange for knowledge. It can’t hurt to grow your skill base regardless of what the future holds. Use this as a motivator to learn a new skill.

Everyday Tips!

  1. Use cash as much as you can. See step 1 for more info on this. Fiat currency has its flaws, we know! But this is still a good way to show them that we’re aware of their ploys.
  2. Delete all payment methods from your devices (Apple Pay, digital bank cards etc). If enough people stop using these convenient services, it will send a message.
  3. Talk about it…raise awareness. The cash and digital ID topic is a very good conversation starter

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