Dr Chris Shoemaker: 1 In 25 Covid Vax Recipients Will Develop Myocarditis

People who took the vaccine could be “completely infertile in the next 5 years”

“They were controlled by the US Department of Defence”

“The people who were controlling the release of the shots wanted to see how different levels of DNA or RNA within it would be handled” by the people who took the shots.

“DNA is in us (Vaccinated) and DNA can keep making RNA and spikes for another decade”

It’s not just the vaccinated that are at risk “the DNA in there is what’s making it dangerous to every human on the planet as we speak.”

“Myocarditis has an established death rate of 50% after 5 years and 75% after 10 years. Some studies have shown that the vaccine has caused 20% of people developing Myocarditis. “The vaccine is what’s causing Myocarditis.”

“Germany has an 86% rise in all cause mortality compared to normal.” (Jim Ferguson/Rumble)

Dr. Chris Shoemaker explains shocking dangers of DNA strands found in Pfizer, Moderna vaccines

He warns they make the most toxic protein ever created on earth. The Moderna vaccine is causing myocarditis, 1 in 25 recipients will develop it, up to 75 percent of them will die within ten years, and the mutagenic injections will lead to increased rates of cancer and other fatal diseases. (Read the full article here: https://www.lifesitenews.com/opinion/dr-chris-shoemaker-explains-dangers-of-dna-strands-found-in-pfizer-moderna-covid-vaccines/)

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