A Roundtable Discussion with the Families of Covid Vaccine Casualties

Feb 2020, recently uncovered communications have proven scientists under the direction of Anthony Fauci and the NIH actively deceived the world about the laboratory origins of covid. By aiding and abetting possible enemies of the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom, scientists, aided by politicians, bankers, lobbyists, lawyers, academics, big tech, and big

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Senator Malcolm Roberts: ‘We Will Chase You Until You Are Held Accountable’

Rapper Zuby, in a very well-delivered address in 2022 at CPAC, observed that most politicians don’t care if people die—and he is correct. Most politicians don’t care if people die. There’s no royal commission. There’s no Senate inquiry. There’s no access to contracts—they’re commercial-in-confidence we’re told. Years after they were signed, they’re still commercial-in-confidence. Taxpayers

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