FDA Approves Physical Control of the Mind by Musk’s Neuralink

By Peter Breggin MD and Ginger Breggin

The FDA’s approval of Elon Musk’s Neuralink for human experimentation is momentous — a potentially catastrophic step toward transhumanism — the attempted physical control of the mind. I emphasize “attempted” because all such previous attempts have inflicted severe injury on the brains of the subjects without achieving any significant control over the individual’s behaviour. Neuralink uses a robot to “sew” very thin electrodes into the brain for interfacing with computers. (…)

The FDA must be stopped from allowing Musk to experiment with Neuralink on humans for physical control of the brain and mind. First of all, Musk’s animal experiments are already surrounded by controversy. Second, similar experiments in the past have caused serious damage to the victims. Third, there is no longer even a pretence that the ultimate goal is treating physical diseases of the brain – it’s about controlling the human mind through control of the human brain.

The Internet is filled with protests that Neuralink has been abusing animals in its experimentation. There’s not much in the way of protests against applying it to humans. If Neuralink is allowed to proceed to human experimentation — If the FDA opens this door — the dreadful principle of transhumanism will be officially established, and humanity will be much the worse for it. Untold numbers of human beings will be irreversibly damaged physically and mentally.

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