Plan to Cull 200,000 Head of Cattle in Ireland ‘Can Only End In Disaster’

Geologist Ian Plimer has criticised the move for Ireland to cull 200,000 head of cattle in a bold effort to meet climate targets.

Mr Plimer said leaders telling primary producers what to do “can only end in disaster”.

“The Irish know about this from the potato famine,” he said.

“A third of their population died, a third emigrated, and the same thing will happen.

“They will lose productive people from Ireland and they’ll go somewhere else.” (Sky News Australia)

Irish farmers are rebelling against a proposal to cull tens of thousands of cattle a year to help Ireland meet its climate change targets.

The Irish government wants to reduce emissions from farming by a quarter by 2030. Media reports last week suggested that one option being considered was to reduce the national dairy herd by 10 per cent – meaning a cull of 65,000 cows a year for three years, at a cost of €200 million (£170 million) annually.

One Irish politician described the plan as “absolute madness” and there are warnings that some farmers will refuse, and others will leave the sector, if an order is introduced. (Source: Irish farmers revolt over plan for cattle cull to meet green target)