Did the Four British Airways Pilots Die Because of Covid Jab?

America Conservative Movement: There’s an easy way to know when a narrative is being fabricated. One needs only look closely at the wording of statements and often times the subsequent fact-checks to see when a cover-up is in process. Such is the case with British Airways and their claims that four pilots who have died in one week are not “linked.”

Reuters quickly came to their rescue and did a “fact-check” on the claims that are circulating across social media. They, of course, determined that it was “false” but just like the British Airways statement, Reuters conspicuously avoided the topic of vaccines.

No mention of vaccines or Covid-19. The deaths may not be technically “linked” at this time because when it comes to post-vaccine adverse reactions, transparency is bad enough in the United States but even worse in the United Kingdom. They have been particularly opaque about post-vaccination deaths ever since the so-called “Delta Variant” began spreading around the country like wildfire. Scientists have speculated that the new variant not only circumvents the minimal protections offered by the vaccines, but in some cases seems to be more potent on those who have been vaccinated.

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