Google Hides Data Showing Rothschild Was Involved In Covid-19 Testing Patent Since 2015

Compare the two following screenshots. The first screenshot shows the Google Patents publication of a system and method for testing for covid-19, dated 18 August 2022, which is also mentioned in our book Hope Amidst a Tsunami of Evil.

The second screenshot (from 21 February 2023) shows the same entry with some changes which have been made after September 2022.

Same link—two different versions.

Spot the differences: Image 1) shows the year 2015. Rothschild is stated as the applicant in 2020.

Image 2) begins with the application made in 2020 after the pandemic began. The name Rothschild is left out.

Accessed 18 August 2022:


Accessed 21 February 2023:


You can also find the same patent published on the National Library of Medicine website:


Further proof that the test kits were being organised before covid was known to the public is demonstrated on the WITS website. Image 4) shows the turnover achieved in 2017 for covid-19 test kits. How can this be, if covid wasn’t supposed to exist until end of 2019?


Source:, accessed 05 September 2020.

Another one… Pfizer patent granted in 2021 for cellular tower communication with graphene injected humans worldwide.  Pfizer – Patent: 11107588b2 (