Have You Had Enough of Globalist Control Freaks? Read Our Latest Book!

Read our latest book How to Avoid Digital Slavery and join the growing awakened crowd. We are hundreds, thousands, millions of individuals seeking the truth and following our intuition. We all say NO! to the psychopathic plans of the globalists who want to rule over every human and all life on this planet. We are born free and we will stay free!

This book is written by 40 authors and contains a collection of interesting stories and practical advice. A real booster for your daily life.

WARNING: Side effects may occur. You may feel encouraged to stand up for your rights, protect your children and lead a healthy life in freedom!

The book “How to avoid digital slavery” is great. I ordered a dozen or so copies for my friends and they have nothing but praise for it. (JN)

Thank you for the book… I’ve been reading through it today and it’s looking great so far. (SG)

I want to thank you for the Digital Slavery books. Very encouraging. (RB)

Book details: Hardcover; 300 pages; Size: 21.59 cm x 13.97

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We have received even more essays than presented in the book – not all of them could make it into the book. A number of essays that are not printed, are being published on our website.