How Many People Can the World Hold?

By Roy R M McIntosh

In the photograph (taken at Dunino Den – a known seat of wisdom) you shall find two wise men and I have asked them both the same question.

Neither could give me the facts of what could happend, but could give me their thoughts of what might happen.

Who can tell the future?

I asked ‘old stoneface’ his thoughts on how he had seen the world. He told me that even in his time the richer ones/establishment used to like to have control and were always bossing people about, creating skirmishes with other clans, but never fought themselves and were always predicting doom and gloom after so may sunsets, but the sun never ever rose to that doom and gloom.

He said now and again old mother nature would give them a battering with extreme heat, freezing cold and howling gales with rain added on at times.

Animals of all sorts roamed freely and you knew the ones to stay clear of and they were predictable, but he said his fellow men were more dangerous if they got a bit greedy. But there was no talk of things ending because of climate or over population. Should be reminded, some of those animals were huge and they let wind go free where ever they be, and it never destroyed where they were etc.

I have asked myself the same questions about the people that predict so much and it comes from certain type of people ie. those with money, academics. royals, politicians etc and so much of what they say never happens. In our modern day the majority have all been to Uni and it looks like they look down on others that have not been to Uni and they should just shut up and not even think!?

We have all read/heard the climate predictions over the years and it’s coming from academics/royals etc. and it does not happen but the people still give them chance after chance with the bum predictions.

Depopulation has reared its head more than ever. Once again it is coming from very evil academics, royals, the rich…

Old stone face and I discussed this in depth and we asked: Who has the right to say who lives and who dies? That should be left up to ‘old mother nature’ and not to the evil ones who are only thinking of themselves!

I am sure plenty more people have thoughts on all of this, including MSM but the lips of them have been zipped by the evil ones…

Urbanization – Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad City (Population Research Institute/YT):

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