This Isn’t About Health, It’s About Ideology – Stop UN’s Trans Agenda

By Ignacio Arsuaga and the entire CitizenGO team

The World Health Organization is playing a game, and our kids are the pawns

Just days before last Christmas, the World Health Organization came forward with a shocking proposal.

They announced plans to create guidelines for “the health of trans and gender diverse people” with a worrying focus on access to hormones, surgeries, and legal recognition of gender self-identification.

They’ve hand-picked a biased team, dominated by radical transgender activists, to develop these guidelines.

Of the 21 members, only a third are doctors, and half don’t even have medical training!

Worse, many are openly LGBTQ activists, and not a single one stands against the trans lobby’s agenda. This isn’t just me saying this. Even a UN Envoy has criticized the WHO’s one-sided, pro-medicalizing approach.

They are willing to sacrifice the lives of thousands of young people on the altar of their destructive ideology.

I hope you understand how urgent this is. The WHO isn’t twiddling its thumbs. They’ve already scheduled a meeting on 19 February to finalize these guidelines and make them set in stone.

Now let me unravel why this petition is so important.

The WHO didn’t give us much notice. They sneakily opened comments during the holiday season, and they’re rushing to finalize this in February.

As you can understand, this leaves barely any time for a balanced panel, independent reviews, or evidence synthesis.

What’s at stake?

The safety and long-term health of our children and adolescents. These are guidelines for hormone treatments and puberty blockers, with unknown effects on developing bodies.

The UN’s guidelines aim to:

  • Increase access to sex change surgeries for all, including minors.
  • Promote the use of cross-sex hormones and puberty blockers.
  • Encourage medical staff to use preferred pronouns.
  • Support sex change drugs and surgeries.
  • Eliminate sex-segregated wards in hospitals.
  • End sex-segregated domestic violence and rape crisis centres.
  • Advocate for legal changes to enforce these measures.
  • Falsify official documents to reflect gender self-ID, not biological sex.
This isn’t just about health, it’s about ideology

The UN health agency doesn’t mind risking the lives of many young people for their harmful beliefs.

This is a stepping stone to normalize gender-change language and promote the trans agenda globally.

You and I can’t let this happen. I need your help because we are running late: 19 February is the chosen date for the Guideline Development Group to meet in Geneva.

Remember, these are not just any old policy debates – these are concrete endeavors to corrupt and confuse our youth.

You’d think the WHO should be concerned with citizens’ general health and well-being – surely that should be their priority, right?

Sadly, astonishingly, the reality is a stark contrast.

It is the powerful LGBTQ lobby groups, in bed with the radical leftist organizations that are calling the shots.

Just look at one of the people who were originally put on the panel for the upcoming meeting.

Florence Ashley, one of the most radical pushers of this project, who identifies as a “transfeminine jurist and bioethicist” with preferred pronouns “They/Them/That Bi*ch”, openly advocates for treating puberty blockers as a default option for all youth.

Ashley and his group of radical friends, openly champion drastic, irreversible changes for children, including gender-transforming surgeries and treatments, disregarding any long-term impacts they may have.

These people are dangerous!

Now, you might be wondering, can we really make a difference?


  • The WHO cares about its reputation. If we can expose their lack of transparency and their harmful agenda, they’ll have to listen.
  • Additionally, some members of the Guideline Development Group have already pulled away from this outrageous project due to the pressure they have received. By addressing this petition to them personally, we are increasing the pressure on those who are still on board.

We have a chance to stop this before any measures are set in stone.

The World Health Organization sets the global agenda when it comes to health policy. If these guidelines are approved, they will be used as the gold standard by policymakers and health organizations worldwide.

If you and I succeed, we’ll prevent hundreds of thousands of children across the world from irreparable lifelong harm.

This is a fight we can win. But we need your help.

Thank you for your support in what is another crucial battle,

Click here to sign the petition:

P.S. The WHO is pushing hard to finalize these controversial guidelines. They’ve set a crucial meeting in Geneva this month, dedicating it to cementing these policies. Their resolve is evident—they see this as an opportunity.

Now, more than ever, your voice and action are vital. These guidelines aren’t just about health practices; they pose a risk to our children’s wellbeing.

Join our cause to defend the health and rights of our children. Together, we will demonstrate our refusal to let these critical decisions be made without proper scrutiny.

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