How Safe Is Our Drinking Water?

How safe is our drinking water? Do you even know what is in it? What would you say if you were told you were being medicated with a very dangerous chemical, without consent, through your drinking water? No doubt the majority of us would be up in arms, but in 2024 this is exactly what the UK Government is planning on doing. Already in the UK, six million people drink fluoridated water, but the addition of fluoride at source is about to be expanded throughout the whole of England.

Debi Evans is joined by Joy Warren, National Coordinator of Fluoride Free Alliance UK. She has been active against water fluoridation since soon after gaining a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Science in 2002. Her catalyst for action was attending a Friends of the Earth meeting in early 2003 at which a medical doctor gave an account of her long struggle against hypothyroidism after moving to fluoridated Coventry. After researching the issue of fluoride’s negative effect on the endocrine system and much else, Joy became convinced that the practice of adding a medicine to drinking water was a thoroughly unethical medical practice. Part of her journey has involved excluding fluoride from her environment—which was no mean feat, living as she does in a fluoridated city.

Joy joined the National Pure Water Association in 2005 and soon became an Executive Director. In 2010, she left NPWA to start West Midlands Against Fluoridation and ran a very successful website and fluoride analysis service. During this time, she gained a Certificate in Health and Nutrition. In 2018, encouraged by friends, she set up the Fluoride Free Alliance UK (FFAUK), which became the national organisation campaigning on the issue, NPWA having been wound up a few years earlier.

There have been several attempts to add fluoride to English drinking water since 2003 and Joy Warren has been actively involved in ensuring that each attempt failed. The current climate is more challenging, with the Conservative government and advisors since 2022 trying to get England and Wales fluoridated, and this has meant Joy exercising her coordination and IT skills to the full. She has been involved against all attempts since 2004 to fluoridate a population and has a 100% success record.

This interview covers what fluoride is and how dangerous it is. What is a neurotoxin? Can you stop your area from being fluoridated? Joy Warren reveals the extent of the Government’s plan to medicate us with fluoride through our drinking water, without our consent. Why has the Government taken this potentially disastrous decision, and how will it affect you and future generations?

Fluoride is also present in many medicines and foods; are you aware of how much fluoride your body is ingesting? Do you know the dangers to children and babies? Dental vans will be visiting primary schools to paint children’s teeth with fluoride varnish. Do you consent?

Joy Warren discusses what the public can do to object to the fluoridation of water. Fluoride is invisible, and the Government would like it remain that way. It is up to every one of us to inform others of the dangers of fluoride.

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