Interesting Review of ‘The Great Awakening’

In this episode of the podcast, I offer a review – through Catholic eyes – of the film, The Great Awakening, third in the Plandemic series of documentaries by filmmaker Mikki Willis. Here, I provide a handful of excerpts while discussing what the documentary does well, what it gets right, as well as where it misses the mark.

Evidently, the producers / distributors of The Great Awakening don’t appreciate my efforts as less than an hour after uploading this review to Youtube, the copyright holder (LondonRealTV) filed a copyright claim against it.

I answered the claim, which, for a number of reasons has no basis, not the least of which being the fact that the film has been made available free of charge and viewers are even encouraged to share it “everywhere.”

I wonder what it is about this review – which resides in a very small, non-monetized, corner of the podcast universe – that so encouraged them to take this action.

Was it my view on the proposed solution, which very much resembles the problem? Was it my failure to join those who cheerlead for the U.S. Constitution? Maybe it was my sober assessment of Donald J. Trump’s undeniable hand in the present state of affairs, something the filmmakers chose to ignore altogether.

Whatever the case may be, Youtube is leaving the video in place, for now, but cancel culture being what it is, who knows how long that will last. So… take a look when you’re able, and as always, I welcome your commentary. (Louie Verrecchio/akaCatholic/YT)