Woke ‘Education’ Forces Children to Believe in Lies

A battle of wits ensued between the experienced teacher and the 13-year-olds. The teacher opened with a strong salvo of biological facts, such as there being three biological sexes, as well as multiple gender identities. Well, she gave up at two. The children returned fire with their own biological weaponry: boys have penises and girls have vaginas. Audibly shaken, the teacher brings out the big guns: ‘it’s just your opinion.’ Unfazed, the children produced the shock and awe of ‘no it isn’t,’ and another firing of penises and vaginas.

The teacher had no choice but to go for the nuclear option: diversity, equality and inclusion training. And also threatened to have them excluded from school. Normally, such a move would see an immediate surrender, and possible referral to the UN (or school principal). However, the children had a secret weapon: a phone, recording the whole, mental thing. (RT/Rumble)

Sick of Agenda 2030

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A very important song that exposes what’s going on in our Schools and Libraries. It’s time to confront and end this agenda once and for all. (Martin Noakes/YT)

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