Ireland’s New ‘Hate Speech’ Law

An interesting interview, in which we (or some of us) learn for the first time:

1. The Irish Government advertised for immigrants in Africa, Georgia and Ukraine
2. There is a new Irish “Independent Party”
3. The purpose of the large scale immigration taking place in hitherto white countries is to destroy national identity and make way for world government


Ireland goes apocalyptic with new hate speech law and U.S. is next – Redacted with Clayton Morris:

Hate speech laws in Ireland have been enforced in apocalyptic ways and politicians warn it will get worse. Here to break it down is biochemical engineer and corporate complex problem solving expert Ivor Cummings. He shows how crazy these laws are, which will allow authorities to check your phone, require you to hand over passcodes and presume guilt until innocence. He also explains why we should keep our eye on what happens in Ireland as it spreads across the West. (Redacted/YT)

Ireland vows to crack down on ‘hate speech’ after knife attack by Algerian immigrant

The Irish government have blamed recent unrest on the “far-right” and vowed to fast track freedom-curbing “hate speech” legislation before Christmas.

The November 23 riots were in response to a barbaric knife attack on innocent children and a daycare employee in central Dublin by a 50-year-old Algerian immigrant earlier that day. Leanne Flynn and three children were wounded.

Addressing the nation at Dublin Castle after the stabbings, Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar crudely prioritized legislating hate speech laws to tackle the growing public unrest in Ireland over key issues such as mass immigration.

“It’s now obvious to anyone who might have doubted it that our incitement to hatred legislation is just not up to date for the social media age and we need that legislation through,” Varadkar said.

“And we need it through in a matter of weeks because it’s not just the platforms that have responsibility here, and they do, it’s also the individuals who past messages and images online that stir hatred and violence. We need to be able to use laws to go after them individually.”

As a result of a coordinated government response to tackle ‘hate speech’, the Republic of Ireland’s new Online Safety Media Commission have urged the Irish public to report any “hate speech” to the Gardai (Irish police) in the aftermath of last week’s unforeseen stabbings and riot in Dublin.

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England And Ireland Are Crumbling (RattlesnakeTV/YT):

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