Justice for Andrew Bridgen

Andrew Bridgen, MP for North West Leicestershire has had the whip removed for questioning the safety of the Covid mRNA vaccines. He did so in response to concerns from his constituents who were reporting adverse reactions after taking the vaccine, including deaths.

Concerns about the Vaccines have also been raised by a number of highly qualified Doctors.

The official channel for reporting vaccine damage the Yellow Card has recorded 1,517 reports of death and 1,102,228 reports of severe adverse reactions.

Our MPs have been democratically elected by their constituents to represent them in the House of Commons This is exactly what Andrew Bridgen was doing, so why is he being punished?

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Jab Victims Reveal their Horror, Some with Tears, Most with Anger…

By Mark Sharman

THIS was the day the mountain came to Muhammad or, to be more precise, the truth came to the BBC. Right on its doorstep.

Organisers of Truth Be Told, a month-long campaign to raise awareness of Covid ‘vaccine’ injuries, took over London’s Portland Place, parking a lorry complete with stage, a seven-metre screen and a sound system that would have done justice to a pop festival.

At high volume the crowds – and anyone on Saturday duty at the Corporation – heard ‘vaccine’ victims tell their stories with passion, some with tears, most with anger, but all with a disdain for a mainstream media which regards them as ‘misinformation.’

It was heart-breaking to hear about their ruined lives, their dashed hopes and dreams. And yet the official mantra continues to be spouted parrot-fashion by those in Government and the medical establishment: the jabs are “safe and effective”.

One of the few MPs to speak up is Andrew Bridgen, who took the stage to say: “We were told they [the jabs] were one hundred per cent effective. That was a lie. We were told that they stopped transmission. And that was a lie. And we were told that they were safe. I get email after email, message after message, letter after letter from people. And all that tells me is that was a lie as well.” (…)

There have been more than 2,400 reported deaths after the ‘vaccine.’ And remember, it is acknowledged that only 10 per cent of cases are actually reported.

Just when will journalists stop playing bit parts in the Government propaganda theatre and start looking for the truth?

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