Lockdown Will Be Lifted Except When It Won’t

Mike Robinson and David Scott with Monday’s news update from the UK Column.

Topics in this video:

  • Lockdown Will Be Lifted Except When It Won’t
  • Rediscover Summer With The Help Of The Government
  • Multiple Variant Case Discovered Apparently In Fake News Article
  • Australian Propaganda Goes Fear Porn Stratospheric
  • US Considers Mandatory Vaccinatio
  • Adverse Reaction Statistics
  • CDC Offer Vaccines To Pregnant Women And Then Appears To Fake Science To Substantiate It
  • When A Retracted Paper Isn’t Really Retracted, Just Censored
  • Vaccine Minister Thanks Corporate Vaccine Sellers
  • A Sustainable COVID Recovery
  • Lawyers For Liberty Serve Notices
  • Vaccine Rollout Scandal
  • Price Stability Is Achieved Through Inflation Says ECB Economists
  • Carbon Credits Shell Game
  • Censors Are Concerned That Global Tax May Hamper their Censorship Efforts
  • Some Parliamentarians Appear To Know Nothing Including Who their Own Constituents Are
  • EU Plans A Strategic Compass As Russia Warns of Tensions
  • LGBTQ+ Chorus Say They Are Coming for The Children