Masks Have Negative Impact on Children’s Development

NY Take Action: NYC Mayor Adams extends pointless, abusive mask mandate for toddlers.Mask - Face it

New York City Mayor Eric Adam’s insistence on keeping pre-schoolers masked has gone beyond being a brain-dead, pointless exercise in mass child abuse to a ridiculous farce.

Last Friday Adams reneged on his earlier statements that he would lift his mask order on toddlers this Monday, ostensibly because of an uptick from 500 to 1250 daily Covid cases in a city of nearly nine million people.

Later that day a Superior Court Judge in Staten Island placed an injunction on Adam’s order, writing in his decision that the policy is “arbitrary, capricious and unreasonable.” In our thoroughly politicized court system, of course, the injunction was overturned on appeal within hours.

Yesterday a parent whose child is subject to continued masking confronted Adams at a press conference, and today she was fired from her job with New York City.

This follows in the wake of Adam’s decisions to let athletes and entertainers work in New York City without the need for a Covid shot yet all other employed people in the five boros must get the jabs.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of unmasked, unjabbed people of all ages are packing into arenas and stadiums (as they should), and Adams is doing his best to get people back into offices, bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Fortunately for them, the ever vigilant Adams is protecting those folks by masking the kids in daycare and pre-school.

Nobody disputes that masked children are missing important developmental speech and communication milestones because they cannot see teachers and caregivers forming words, and speech is muffled by an item that even the CDC admits is no more than a “facial decoration.” And children with autism and other communication and developmental disabilities are those who are most negatively impacted by the mask mandate.

At the press conference announcing the continuation of masking toddlers, Ashwin Vasan, the head of the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene asked, in the patronizing and condescending style we have come to expect from public health bureaucrats, for “patience and grace” from parents without bothering to offer any explanation of why continued masking of toddlers, and only toddlers, had any real world connection to a minor increase in cases for the population as a whole. He further claimed that the decision, which some might say appears to be a self-serving, destructive clutching to extraordinary powers, was motivated by an “abundance of caution.”

While this was all going on this week, the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene adopted the newspeak term “birthing person” as a replacement for the word “mother” because they believe the word “mother” is politically unacceptable. Any organization that has issues with the word “mother” is controlled by dangerous ideologues who have no business making health decisions for anybody.

Message Mayor Adams: Message page:

From: Autism Action Network

All-Purpose Message or Email To Organisations Still “Requiring” Masks

Here’s an “all-purpose” message or email to please send to any holdouts still “requiring” masks….

Airlines, airports, opticians… you can send this to just about any organisation still “requiring” masks though they are not legally obliged to, with a bit of tweaking if you are outside of England.

Yes: we know he’s changed his tune more times than a jukebox over the last 23 months, but that doesn’t matter to “normies,” most of whom still respect Chris Whitty… so here it is:

Dear [name]

I would like to express my disappointment with your continued requirement of forced masking.

We can all see that masks have totally failed to stop the spread of coronavirus for 18 months now, and masks are far from harmless. For many deaf or hard of hearing (1 in 5 people in the UK), sexual abuse victims, PTSD sufferers, the autistic and more, ‘masked society’ destroys quality of life.

Please could you explain why you believe yourself better qualified to judge whether forcing people to wear masks is still necessary, when the Chief Medical Officer of England, Chris Whitty, does not?


From: Smile Free

Ofsted Report Shows Masks Have Had Negative Impact on Children’s Development

The Early Years report finds that UK Government policy on Covid-19 has continued to affect young children’s communication and language development, with many providers noticing delays in speech and language. Others said babies have struggled to respond to basic facial expressions.

This is because the UK Government mandated the wearing of face coverings in public spaces in law, despite the fact they are completely useless at preventing the entry of viruses. They are also actually more harmful when used incorrectly, such as carrying it in your pocket, or leaving it in the door pocket of your car, as the mass majority of Brits did once the mandate came into effect.

Read the full article here:

Ofsted Early Years report:

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