New Zealand Whistleblower Raided by Police

Journalist Liz Gunn releases an official statement advising the NZ Ministry of Health Whistleblower and person working with him have both been raided by police. Liz Gunn reports police are still surrounding the Whistleblowers’ home after several hours following the raid. Gunn calls for the New Zealand government to call off this tyrannical response and

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We’re All In This Boxcar Together

By Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH Beware of self-righteous billionaires and their government lackeys In his e-mail to me about the Northern Light Convention, Mr. Mads Palsvig explained: “We oppose global totalitarianism in all its disguises.” I was pleased to see his use of the word “disguises,” because I have long believed that totalitarians work primarily

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Shocking WHO Pandemic Treaty Update

In a rare win, the World Health Organisation has backed down on proposed International Health Regulation amendments for compulsory vaccination and lockdowns. It is a win yet the pandemic treaty, that would do the same thing again, is still waiting in the wings. (Malcolm Roberts/ Australia/YT) Transcript: This week represents a rare victory for Australian

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