Mass Murder in Care Homes Was Four Years in the Planning

When we remove the alleged Covid-19 deaths from the figures for the week ending 17th April 2020 we can see that 4,590 deaths due to all other causes occurred in care homes.

This is an increase of 3,001 deaths on the number recorded in care homes due to all causes in the following year; in the week ending 16th April 2021. This pattern is consistent throughout the next 3 months of 2020 when compared to the same time frame in 2021.

But why were there so many deaths in care homes due to other causes at the height of the alleged first wave?

The answer is simple, the Government and it’s medical and scientific advisors, and NHS chiefs had a plan, and that plan was to withdraw care, refuse treatment, and put the elderly and vulnerable on the end of life pathway.

A pathway that involved the withdrawal of all medication, food and water, and the administration of a cocktail of midazolam and morphine. A pathway that saw them die due to an overdose of drugs alongside starvation, and dehydration.

Several things happened at the beginning of the alleged pandemic, and they were all planned years in advance.

  • The Government changed the law under the guise of the coronavirus act on certifying deaths.
  • The law on cremations also changed
  • The law on indemnity for health service activity also changed
  • The law on visiting loved ones in care homes also changed.


Whilst all this was happening Matt Hancock and Chris Whitty instructed hospitals to discharge as many patients as possible into care homes, the very place the patients loved ones were now banned from visiting, the very place a doctor was not required to visit to certify a death, the very place carers could not be held liable for a death as long as it was just suspected to be Covid-19.

As well as purchasing a two-year supply of a drug called midazolam. A supply that was depleted by October 2020.

Midazolam is a drug that is questionably used in end of life care, and it was also used in end of life care for Covid-19, despite the fact it causes respiratory depression and respiratory arrest.

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