When Will There Be a National Citizen’s Inquiry In Australia?

By George Paris, NSW

The Australian ALP promised before the May 2022 federal election that it was very important to have a Royal Commission into the Covid pandemic. It’s now 16 moths and no inquiry has begun. The government has declared they will have an ‘academic inquiry’ which invites the state premiers to submit their version of the pandemic problems. This is a whitewash not an inquiry.

This problem is not unique to Australia and is occurring in lockstep around the world. The citizens of Canada have had enough and have formed their own inquiry. They sent 63 invitations to the Canadian government which were all ignored. However, their small group steadily blossomed into a considerable organisation as doctors, scientists and laymen joined the group. They now report they have more than a thousand pages of evidence soon to be released. The principals have emphasised loud and clear that the Covid vaccines ARE NOT SAFE AND EFFECTIVE as we have all been expected to believe. That statement is a total lie!

Anyone seeking to contact this information can address: Commissioner Michelle Le Duc Catlin; National Citizen Inquiry – NCI ,CA – Interim report.

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Doctors who signed open letter to Dan Andrews to end lockdowns now pushing for covid inquiry:

The doctors who signed an open letter to former Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews three years ago to end lockdowns are now pushing for a COVID inquiry.

Sky News host Rita Panahi sat with Anaesthetist Dr Eamonn Mathieson to discuss the push for a COVID inquiry into the state government’s response to the pandemic.

“Three years ago, hundreds of doctors signed an open letter begging then-Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews to end his draconian lockdowns,” Ms Panahi said.

“Now, many of those same doctors are asking for his successor, Jacinta Allan, and the federal government to conduct a COVID inquiry.

“A real, honest, in-depth Royal Commission, they argue.” (Sky News Australia/YT)