Why Should We Bow Down to the Intrusive Dictates of An Unelected Foreign Entity?

Wake-up call

‘… we should not and will not!’ A talk given in Canadian Parliament.

Ever thought what SMART stands for?

S for surveillance
M for monitoring
A for analysis
R for reporting
T for technology

15-minute cities with cameras set up in every corner are not for your benefit. They are here to control everyone. Maximum surveillance allows for maximum control. This applies in your country too.

@hansonbarry 🔥Educational Purposes😎 Although 500k + people views and liked this video and it is actual footage of a conversation within a official place of voice, (democratic rights abided by) Sighting freedom of information and democracy I am reposting this here. #criticalthinking #democracy #freedom #rumble #donotcomply #wakeup ♬ original sound – #HansonBarry

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