New Study: 17.1% Of Kids Suffered Cardiac Symptoms After 2nd Dose Of Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine and Excess Deaths Spiked Over 20% For 2 Weeks In England And Wales

Important data was released over the past days the media suppressed. To explain, a new study was released that showed 17.1% of young kids who received a COVID vaccine from Pfizer, suffered at least 1 ongoing cardiac symptom. Also, recent reports revealed excess mortality in England and Wales spiked to unprecedented levels — but no one knew why.

Start here. A new study of 4,928 Taiwanese high school kids found nearly 1/5th suffered at least 1+ cardiac symptom, and heart rhythm changes (abnormal EKG) after a 2nd dose of Pfizer. This is yet another study that found COVID vaccines harmful for young kids, particularly males between aged 14-30.

Next, new public health data from The Office of National Statistics UK found spiked excess deaths in England and Wales from the past 2 weeks. Data revealed a second week of record high excess deaths that no one was able to explain.

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