Why Do So Few of the General Public Smell a Rat?

By Doug Brodie


My last email of 2nd December jauntily entitled “First degree premeditated mass murder crimes against humanity and genocide” was posted online by PSI (in full), by Joel and The White Rose (split into parts) and various others and I thank them for their support. Use this to link back to my prior “Family and Friends” postings. 

Why is it that so few of the general public still don’t smell a rat? By that I mean why do so few people realise, as Neil Oliver realised over a year ago, that we are stuck in an abusive relationship with our treasonous, lying politicians who act as puppets to their globalist overlords, e.g. Bill Gates and the WHO, Klaus Schwab and the WEF, Mark Carney and the UN and the rest of the unaccountable globalist Big Money/Big Tech cabal who are intent on coercing us into a dystopian future of (Fuellmich Crimes Against Humanity testimonies) digitally-enforced serfdom, UBI-controlled penury and WEF-inspired transhumanism? These people are waging undeclared war on us. Have we the will to repel them? 

As one of the few (apparently) who has seen through the lies, false propaganda and brainwashing psy-ops inflicted on the people by our traitorous politicians (light relief Downfall parody here), I feel compelled to continue warning of the grim future we are being steered towards. Sadly, I sense I’m still not getting through, I assume because many people still can’t believe that our politicians could be so nefariously abusive, mendacious and evil. So here I go again, this time with a somewhat different approach, to try to persuade as many people as I can that they are being appallingly abused by gaslighting

Westminster MPs long ago stopped replying to my emails so I’ve addressed this one to Nicola Sturgeon MSP to make sure she knows that, like many others, she deserves to go to jail for her leading role of criminal complicity in the Coronavirus “plandemic

Speaking out against oppression 

I’ve been told I shouldn’t use such strong words as “murder”. Well, it’s not just me. Below is a long list of “conspiracy theorists”, leading influencers from many walks of life who have described the Covid vaccines as “bioweapons” or have used the words “murder”, “crimes against humanity” or “genocide” in the context of the Covid plandemic or the Net Zero climate change agenda. I have included two or three who have used slightly less explicit words because, I believe, they have held back due to having state-appointed media censors (Ofcom in the UK) or equivalent breathing down their necks. 

The Infection Fatality Rate of Covid-19 has always been similar to flu yet bad flu seasons in the past always went by without much ado. Can you imagine a comparable flu episode attracting such accusations of criminality? On climate change, our politicians pretend that their Net Zero agenda is benign. Why then do so many of its critics describe it as a programme for impoverishment, deindustrialisation and concomitant depopulation, as many people are belatedly starting to realise? 

Click on the names to see their anti-establishment testimonies. Note that the mainstream media (MSM) has, 1984-style, suppressed most of these names and all of their testimonies (bar Bridgen). Check this using the “Search BBC” bar on the website of BBC News which has been bribed into corrupt complicity by Bill Gates funding and government handouts. 

Don’t you find it very wrong that facts and opinions which could be vital to your wellbeing and might even save your life are being hidden from you? 

Margaret Anna Alice, writer 

Christine Anderson, German MEP 

Dr Brian Artis (from 2:14:15), health analyst 

Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, immunologist 

Dr Geert Vanden Bossche, virologist 

Dr Peter Breggin, psychiatrist 

Andrew Bridgen, UK MP 

Anna De Buisseret, lawyer 

Professor Dolores Cahill, World Freedom Alliance president 

Todd Callender, lawyer 

Dr Shankara Chetty, physician 

Professor Michel Chossudovsky, economist 

Dr Vernon Coleman, doctor 

James Delingpole, journalist 

Edward Dowd, investment banker 

Roddy Duncan, database marketeer 

Alex Epstein, energy analyst 

Debi Evans, nurse 

Catherine Austin Fitts, investment advisor 

Dr Richard Fleming, cardiologist 

Dr Reiner Fuellmich, lawyer 

Professor Masanori Fukashima, oncologist 

George Gammon, entrepreneur 

Brian Gerrish, ex-RN journalist 

Dr Simon Goddek, scientist 

Karen Harradine, anthropologist 

Dr Roger Hodkinson, pathologist 

Katie Hopkins, columnist 

Dr Thomas Jendges, MD of Chemnitz Clinic 

Robert F Kennedy Jr, lawyer 

Karen Kingston, biotech analyst 

Steve Kirsch, journalist 

Peter Koenig, geopolitical analyst 

Dr Pierre Kory, pulmonary specialist 

Dr Robert Malone, virologist 

Leslie Manookian, investment banker 

Dr David Martin, security advisor 

Kaira McCallum, magistrate 

Dr Peter McCullough, cardiologist 

Dr Lee Merritt, surgeon 

Viscount Monckton, hereditary peer 

Robin Monotti, filmmaker 

Professor Luc Montagnier, virologist 

Bob Moran, cartoonist 

Elon Musk, entrepreneur 

Neil Oliver, archaeologist 

Kees Van Der Pijl, political scientist 

Ian Plimer, geologist 

John O’Looney, undertaker 

Laura Perrins, barrister journalist 

Dr EV Rapiti, general practitioner 

Stew Peters, journalist 

Dr Paul Craig Roberts, journalist 

James Roguski, campaigner 

Hannah Rose, lawyer 

Ralph Schoellhammer, geopolitical consultant 

Mark Sexton, policeman 

Vera Sharav, Holocaust survivor 

Truth Justice ™, Twitter user  

Archbishop Vigano, Holy See diplomat 

Katherine Watt, paralegal researcher 

Stuart Wilkie (from 1:31:35), medical researcher 

Clare Wills-Harrison, care home worker 

Wolfgang Wodarg, pulmonary specialist 

Naomi Wolf, journalist 

David Wolfe, nutritionist 

Patrick Wood, editor of Technocracy News

Tom Woods, journalist 

Dr Mike Yeadon, ex-scientific VP at Pfizer 

Dr Vladimir Zelenko, family physician 

Some good news stories (for the people, not for our oppressors) 

  1. Elon Musk recently bought Twitter, perhaps the world’s most influential digital public square, for a cool $44 billion. The good news is that he has broken ranks with the rest of the globalist media by lifting the content-moderation censorship on tweets which go against the official establishment narratives on Covid and climate change. For example, it is no longer verboten to dispute the “safe and effective” Covid vaccine myth. He has sacked most of the censors, is reinstating suspended accounts and is making public a large set of #TwitterFiles, mostly internal emails, which reveal the skulduggery that had been going on. This has been widely reported by the independent media e.g. here, here, here, here, here and herebut, needless to say, the corrupt MSM plays down or ignores the story. 

The Twitter files disclose how, beyond simply suspending the accounts of anti-establishment people, they used elaborate systems for deboosting, shadowbanning, search bans, and other tricks designed to minimize the reach of a person’s account or otherwise suppress the truth. They also disclose secret collusion between Twitter and governments as to who and what should be censored, to the extent of possibly influencing the outcome of the 2020 US presidential election. 

A recent Censored Voices Twitter Spaces event included this video giving an insight into the evil depths to which truth censoring authorities have sunk. 

This clean-up shines a spotlight on the China-style censoring of free speech still being enforced by the other Big Tech platforms like Facebook, Google Search, YouTube and the establishment MSM, denounced here by Robert F Kennedy Jr. The revelations have led Mr Kennedy to launch legal actionagainst the BBC-orchestrated fake news cartel (Un-)Trusted News Initiative

  1. Backbench MP Andrew Bridgen was unconscionably slow in “smelling a rat” in the government’s Covid narrative, which I had smelled out by autumn 2020 (a fobbed-off open letter to Nicola Sturgeon). He was one of the 319 MPs who disregarded the Nuremburg Code and voted in July 2021 for compulsory vaccination of care home workers – “no jab, no job” – a policy decision which was bound to have bad knock-on effects. At least he belatedly saw the light and has recently launched a campaign against the dangerous Covid mRNA injections. The disgraceful MSM has only reported on this with smears and lies but it has been honestly reported by independent media, e.g. here, here, here, here, hereand here

His campaign started at PMQs on 7th December, when he asked this question (subtitled video) about the very high level of adverse reactions and deaths which have occurred following Covid mRNA jabs, imploring the government to halt their use. At the end of his question an idiot MP can be heard shouting “tin foil hat“. Sunak fobbed him off with the utterly dishonest assertion that the so-called vaccines are “safe and effective”. 

A week later, Bridgen gave an outstanding speech (video and transcript here) on the same subject to an almost empty Commons, showing the depths of depravity and contempt for the electorate to which our current crop of parliamentarians have sunk. 

He presented detailed evidence to back up his case, some from a trusted whistle-blower. An obviously lying junior health minister fobbed him off again with the stonewalling “safe and effective” mantra. He later described the Covid vaccines as bioweapons and quoted an unnamed cardiologist who had told him that the vaccines were “the biggest crime against humanity since the Holocaust” (cf. Fuellmich and many others on the above list). 

So, who are you going to believe – a selfless backbencher with a science degree and with no ulterior motive who has undertaken diligent research to uncover damning evidence which the corrupt MSM does its utmost to suppress – or our treasonous, lying government? 

Why do these lunatics keep pushing the dangerous and unnecessary Covid vaccination programme, especially in the case of children and young adultswho are at negligible risk from this relatively mild virus? Why are they in such thrall to Big Pharma, the WHO, the WEF, Big Money and all the other unaccountable globalists intent on subjugating us? Actually, I’ve answered these questions many times already, e.g. here, here and here (see also Conclusions below), as have many of the people on the above list. 

  1. Health educator Dr John Campbell has over 2½ million followers on his YouTube channel. In a major change of stance and a major blow to the “safe and effective” Covid vaccine narrative, he stated in a recent video (on unbiased Rumble, with transcript): 

I therefore consider that the UK government authorities should pause the current Covid mass vaccination programme until a full, population scale risk / benefit analysis is carried out, and published for free and open peer review. 

  1. Dr Campbell features in another video (in full here), this one about Rishi Sunak’s Cayman Islands tax haven relationship with Moderna. I postedpreviously that Sunak seems to have made most of his money by investing in Moderna and speculated as to whether he might have had advance knowledge of the Covid “plandemic” which helped fuel its massive share price rise

It appears that Sunak has signed a truly dreadful 10-year deal with Moderna to produce up to 250 million mRNA jabs (inherently dangerous and provenly unsafe and ineffective) for an undisclosed sum (more below). As Dr Campbell notes “this is not a good look”. 

  1. Recent elections in Italy, Sweden and the USA have thrown out corrupt incumbents in favour of anti-globalists – it seems left versus right is no longer the main issue. Italy imposed extreme Covid tyranny under WEF puppet Draghi but new prime minister Giorgia Meloni has pledged never to reimpose lockdowns or vaccine passports. 

The new regime in Sweden has drastically cut back on its climate change wokery. In the USA, the Republicans have taken control of The House which will hopefully curtail the machinations of WEF puppet Biden. In Florida, Governor DeSantis is planning to pursue criminal proceedings against Big Pharma. 

  1. Pushback is building up against the “thuggish” WEF/UN/Mark Carney ESG regulations created in order to cripple fossil fuel investment, production and consumption in the name of the climate change scam, see here, here, here, here, here and indirectly here

The ongoing oppression of the people 

The deceit, oppression and energy infrastructure degradation which had been going on for decades under the “slow burn” climate change scam was ramped up in 2020 through the globally-coordinated Covid “plandemic”: the unjustified lockdowns, the myth of asymptomatic transmission, closures of schools and businesses, anti-social distancing, fearmongering facemask mandates, coercive vaccine mandates and all the rest resulting in massive societal and economic collateral damage, all of it unnecessary as Sweden has demonstrated

The Covid vaccine oppression started in 2021 and is still ongoing, exacerbated in 2022 by the cost of lockdown crisis: punitive inflation, taxes and interest rates, the needlessly-provoked war in Ukraine, the deliberately-created energy and food shortages, the dysfunctional NHS and police, soaring food bank demand and uncontrolled mass immigration. Straight-talking Neil Oliver sums up the abuse. The political establishment is doing its utmost to strangle the country. Would thelast person to leave please turn out the lights? 

Excess deaths in highly-vaccinated Germany with its top-class healthcare system recently peaked to 37% and excess deaths in the UK continue to soar, both most likely due largely to the dangerous Covid vaccines. Why are the health authorities not investigating these deaths and why are they discouraging autopsies? Why have they stopped reporting deaths by vaccination status? Why has every appeal from independent experts to stop the jabs been ignored? 

Why is the study showing that the mRNA Covid-19 jabs are injuring the hearts of all recipients being ignored? Ditto all the athletes dying. Ditto the rapid rise inpost-vaccination cancers. Dr John Campbell estimates in this analysis, carefully guarding his words for fear of being censored, that in 2022 there were nearly 5 million cases of inflammatory heart disease in the UK. For more, see this open letter to the criminally negligent British Heart Foundation. Dr Mike Yeadon warned a year ago that the mRNA jabs are “toxic by design”. 

Africa with its 6% vaccination rate is the control group which suggests that Covid vaccines are not needed at all as it has fared far better than countries with high injection rates, yet the evil WHO wants to get Africa up to 70%. Joel Smalley says we need to talk about excess deaths in a recent article exposing incriminating and deliberately withheld data on excess deaths and opining my own frustrations: 

I am deeply saddened that the majority of people are still completely unaware of the situation we face. … But we must persist. For the sake of our children. 

The subliminally brainwashed general public needs to realise that the reason why so many of the vaccinated and boosted population are suffering recurring cases of “lurgy – according to a government radio advert “flu, colds, Covid and other winter respiratory viruses” – is because the Covid vaccines have weakened their immune systems, see here, here, here and here. Dr Sucharit Bhakdi and others warned this would happen back in 2020 (video now censored by deplorable YouTube, Rumble update here). Another study shows that the Covid vaccines are more likely to put you in hospital than keep you out. The narrative that the Covid vaccines help to prevent serious illness and death is not true either

UK health secretary Steven Barclay said recently that striking health care workers are choosing to “inflict harm on patients”, utterly shameless on his part given that his “unsafe and ineffective” Covid vaccines (according to Dr Mike Yeadon and many others) have caused countless thousands of needless injuries and deaths. He even had the brass neck to write that the Covid vaccines have saved “countless lives”, a claim based on junk science computer modelling by Big Pharma-funded Imperial College. 

Don’t be hoodwinked by their brazen, desperate lies. Professor Norman Fenton easily debunks their quite frankly “taking the p!ss” claim that the Covid vaccines saved 20 million lives worldwide in 2021. Real-world evidence shows that the Covid jabs do more harm than good. Just look at the stark actuarial evidencecompiled by Edward Dowd: “From February 2021 to March 2022 [Covid vaccine rollout], US millennials experienced the equivalent of a [12-year] Vietnam war, with more than 60,000 excess deaths”. 

These people are taking us for fools with their “safe and effective” vaccine mantra and their plan with the other G20 puppet politicians to surrender our sovereignty to the unaccountable China/Bill Gates-controlled WHO. This ties in with the recent deal with Moderna and the psychopathic G7 scheme to churn out new vaccines within 100 days of an alleged pandemic outbreak (as declared by the corrupt WHO) with flagrant disregard for public safety and human rights. The WHO even has a diabolical plan for 10-years of infectious diseases. 

Blogger Awkward Git uncovered a related baseless mantra from Maggie Throup MP, the minister responsible for overseeing the International Health Regulation (IHR) changes of the corrupt WHO, who spouts “Covid-19 has demonstrated that no one is safe until we are all safe” (comedy gold Klaus Schwab rendition here, Big Pharma vaccine supremo Bill Gates here). This is the puerile level of deceit, ignoring natural immunity, they are using to entrap us via either the IHR or a new Pandemic Treaty

The government aren’t going to relent on the “pandemic” – see their thuggish, twisted lies over the Bridgen affair in this TCW article including a landmark anti-establishment editorial (tweeted here) – because to do so would be to admit they were wrong and that the harms they caused were needless. It’s the same with Net Zero. These people don’t do contrition. 

Further to the climate change scam, I have posted numerous times that there is no climate emergency and that Net Zero is totally infeasible, e.g. here, here and here. For a second opinion, refer to one of the most respected writers on Watts Up With That?, polymath Willis Eschenbach. 

In his post Where is the “climate emergency”?, he presents extensive scientific evidence to show that that the climate emergency claim is a fiction. In his postBright green impossibilities, he uses simple engineering calculations to show the utter impossibility of reaching Net Zero by 2050. In his post The mirage of electric vehicles, he calculates that over the last eleven years, electric vehicles in the US have saved only a miniscule amount of gasoline at exorbitant cost. 

The UAH satellite temperature series ended 2022 with the global mean temperature back to where it was 24 years ago despite steadily rising CO2 emissions, suggesting that we are in the waning warm phase of the 60-70 year cycle of the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation which in the 1970s led to fears of an impending ice age. Professor Valentina Zharkova now estimates that the Modern Grand Solar Minimum of 2020-2053 will reduce global temperatures to such an extent that Earth will enter another ‘Little Ice Age’. Needless to say, climate fanatics use anti-science barefaced distortions to hide this inconvenient truth. 

Why do so many people still give politicians the benefit of the doubt on Net Zero? I fear the sad answer is that they don’t realise they have been hoodwinked by establishment climate change lies and propaganda, inflicted on us by the same unethical psy-ops techniques as used on Covid. The subliminally brainwashed general public needs to realise that the constant churn of puerile (implied man-made) “climate change” scaremongering we get from the MSM is junk sciencefake news funded by “pocket change” hundreds of millions of dollars from megalomaniac multi-billionaires with non-climate ulterior motives such as Bill Gates and George Soros, supported by their fellow-traveller puppets. 

We are now in a desperate, long-term energy crisis built up over two decades of misguided, self-destructive policies, but what have WEF placemen Sunak and Hunt done to try to fix it? Next to nothing. Their suicidal Net Zero climate change agenda sails on unperturbed while many households and businesses face economic misery and even ruin due to sky-high energy prices which are unlikely to return to normal for many years to come. It’s all utterly incoherent but as far as Sunak and Hunt are concerned, it’s all going according to plan. 

They slapped a windfall tax on essential North sea oil and gas producers which is undermining new investment and also on essential nuclear power which could result in the early shutdown of two plants which supply more than 2GW to the grid. They retained the ban on the fracking of “free” domestic natural gas but cobbled up a deal with Biden to import fracked US gas at top dollar prices, supplementing the expensive and inefficient (relative to domestic fracking) LNG imports from Qatar. They are talking of building more useless windfarms which in 2022 cost us £227 million to switch off yet hopelessly low ERoEI renewablessupply only 4% of UK energy while natural gas supplies 43%. They rely on insecure, sometimes astronomically expensive electricity supplied via international interconnectors to keep the lights on. 

In Scotland, the deranged SNP think they can create an energy Eldorado by flogging impractical and hopelessly-expensive green” hydrogen. Australia is equally mad

We survived the December UK cold snap on a knife-edge (peak electricity demand ~47GW) because a light wind kept blowing to generate a wind power minimum of about 3GW from 25GW nameplate capacity. We are certain to suffer prolonged power cuts (and low voltage brown outs) during a midwinter pan-Europe windless anticyclone (like 2010) which shuts down interconnector supplies, if not this winter then in later years after more essential baseload and dispatchable grid balancing power plants have been wilfully demolished

Further to essential natural gas, why is nobody in authority boiling mad about the catastrophic sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines and demanding reparations from whoever was responsible? Actually, it’s not hard to work out who did it, and it wasn’t the Russians

Why is there an MSM news block about the planned sabotage of the Dutch farming industry, the second largest food exporters in the world, especially on such on a flimsy “nitrogen” pretext? This never-justified UN/WEF demonisation of nitrogen-based fertilisers is going to cause a huge drop in global crop yields. How is the lost food going to be replaced? Look at the agricultural disaster which has already happened in Sri Lanka. It’s clearly not about cutting emissions, CO2 or N2O, it’s about oppression. The corrupt Dutch government wants to clear thousands of farmers off the land to make way for a WEF-promoted Tristate megacity. The dystopian global agriculture plans of UN Agenda 2030 are exposed here

The staged, fundamentally immoral USA proxy war with Russia risks escalation, is draining our national resources at a time of austerity and recession and is contributing to global food and energy shortages. The biased MSM’s misreporting on Ukraine is reminiscent of Iraq’s Comical Ali in the Gulf War. Look to alternative news sources such as UK Column (with running order links beneath the News video) and Global Research to understand the sorry reality of what is going on there. 

It is clear that the globalist cabal and their puppet politicians want to poison us, to freeze us, to limit our mobility and to starve us. The carbon “pollutionthey want to reduce is us. 


The globalist cabal showed their true colours through their evil Covid “plandemic” (links to a brilliant short poem) which has finally exposed the true intent of their climate change agenda. This had been unfathomable for at least two decades to anyone of a rational, sceptical leaning (like me), so flimsy has been its scientific and engineering underpinning. It is now clear that the establishment climate change agenda is all about Malthusian impoverishment, deindustrialisation and depopulation. 

Our politicians’ disdainful reaction to Andrew Bridgen’s vaccine campaign, their feigned or real hysterics over the opening of a new deep coal mine in Cumbria – Caroline Lucas so lacking in self-awareness that she described it as “a crime against humanity” – and the likes of Sunak, Barclay and Throup mouthing patently untrue Covid mantras proves that almost all of them are either mad or bad. 

I’ll be charitable and say that the “useful idiots” among them are just mad. My own MP probably falls into this category, brainwashed by his own party political propaganda and dogma. Against all logic, these retards really seem to believe that we can give up using all fossil fuels, and nuclear power as well according to green extremists, without the economy regressing back to pre-industrial revolution standards of living and that this will somehow tackle climate change™, which it won’t even if the global climate were controlled by the level of atmospheric CO2, which it isn’t, because the majority non-Western world is going to carry on with fossil fuel “business as usual”. The same applies to their Covid gullibility. 

However I have no doubt that the conspirators driving these globalist agendas who understand the devastation their policies have caused and will continue to cause are very bad people, in fact evil, including Sunak, Hunt, Johnson, Hancock, Starmer, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, George Soros, the Rockefellers, the Gettys and Big Money, the World Bank, the IMF and lots more – all trying desperately to retain their power and wealth before their self-created financial time-bomb blows up (Fuellmich Crimes Against Humanity testimony again). 

Will the truth out and the dam break? I’ll finish with this bravely optimistic shout out for the future and the main points from Dr Mike Yeadon’s recent rallying call

Don’t forget to resist the plan to ditch national sovereignty which our traitorous politicians are trying to force through via changes to the WHO International Health Regulations on pandemics, see here, here, here and here

Best wishes to all my supporters for 2023, 

Douglas Brodie, Nairn, 14 Jan 2023