Now We Know: the Conspirators Want World War III

By Dr Vernon Coleman

Back in the middle of April 2022, I wrote an article in which I expressed concern that the conspirators were pushing us into World War. The title of that article was ‘Do the Conspirators Now Want World War III?

Well, we know now.

They do.

The journalists and collaborators who sneered and scoffed, and said it could never happen, were clearly wrong – again.

The fraudulent pandemic, the covid-19 jabs, the lockdowns, the masks and the panoply of psychological, brain washing tricks introduced by lying, cheating governments and government advisors were designed to terrify and to force populations to learn to obey whatever instructions they were given and to accept whatever lies they were told.

The aim, as we knew all along, was to reduce the size of the world’s population. That’s what the conspirators frequently told us. And that is what they meant.

The covid-19 jab will kill many. Abandoning the elderly, the sick and the disabled will kill millions. The growing famine in Asia and Africa will kill a billion or so. But that won’t be fast enough. A good, chronic, designer war will kill billions.

It is possible because the conspirators have suppressed the truth, demonised the truth-tellers and terrified millions into becoming collaborators in their evil conspiracy.

And, of course, the bought-and-paid-for medical profession (bought with massive, unprecedented taxpayer funded fees for giving jabs they must have known did more harm than good) and the bought-and-paid-for media (bought with massive, taxpayer funded advertising which kept them alive) supported and promoted the conspirators and their conspiracy.

Right from the start I felt it was patently clear that what was happening in Ukraine is being used as an excuse to build up enthusiasm for World War III.

And since the beginning of what is best described as an Orwellian designer war, the conspirators have been working hard to push the collaborating public (brains softened by too many months of mask wearing and too many toxic injections) into demanding a war against Russia.

The UK Government – which has debts up to its collective eyeballs – is spending another £25 billion a year on sending bullets and bombs to Ukraine to make sure that the war continues and gets worse.

Putin is being pushed into a corner in the hope that he will become so desperate that he drops nuclear bombs on Ukraine. That’s precisely what the conspirators want.

A pitiful melange of morons and cretins, blind to what is happening, their brains frazzled by the toxic covid jab, are screaming their support for Ukraine – without having any idea what is happening or why.

None of them gives a damn for the umpteen other wars in the world (e.g. Yemen and Syria) or for the fact that Ukraine and Russia have long-standing form for squabbling and killing each other’s citizens. None of them cares that Ukraine is as guilty of war crimes as Russia.

Brainwashed and ignorant, they wave their little Ukraine flags, as mindless and as pathetic as drunken football fans on the rampage. Councils, and concerned but brain dead citizens, fly Ukraine flags on their flagpoles, and purr smugly with self-satisfaction. Motorists have Ukraine flags attached to their cars. People who look intelligent and human have Ukraine badges in their lapels. None of them has the brains to realise that they are merely pawns in an Orwellian game of deceit and control.

In the same way that Germany’s invasion of Poland led to World War II, so it is now clear that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could be used as an excuse for the conspirators to start World War III.

As I argued back in April 2022, there is no longer any doubt that NATO deliberately pushed Russia into invading Ukraine. Nor is there any doubt that this is not, by far, the most egregious military activity occurring at the moment. The wars in Yemen and Syria have killed far more people but have aroused little or no interest among Western politicians or journalists.

I don’t think anyone who has studied the evidence would disagree with the conclusion that Russia was inspired to invade Ukraine in order to help further the plans of those prosecuting the Great Reset.

The food, fuel and fertiliser shortages which are a direct result of the orchestrated invasion will wreck the global economy and force up inflation, prices and interest rates.

In the West, particularly Europe, there will be much hardship. Millions will lose their jobs and millions will lose their homes.

But the real cost will be felt in Africa and Asia where hundreds of millions will die of starvation in the coming months. It would be naïve to think that this was anything other than deliberate genocide. The politicians responsible for the deadly sanctions against Russia should be treated as war criminals. Those sanctions have done their greatest damage in Western Europe.

In April I wrote that I thought it somewhere between unlikely and impossible for the fighting in Ukraine to spread into the rest of Europe and lead us into World War III. I thought that even the most aggressive, war-loving collaborators would baulk as food and fuel prices rose.

But the media has done its job well. Letter columns are full of demands for more action, more bullets, more war. Political leaders talk of deposing Putin and arresting him. People who said nothing during the war between Russia and Ukraine in 2014 are now suddenly filled with horror. People who ignored Putin when he gassed a theatre full of people are suddenly appalled – because they have been told to be appalled. People who ignored Putin when he allowed sailors to die in a nuclear submarine are suddenly shocked – because they have been told to be shocked.

The people who have been brainwashed into demanding a greater war have been manipulated and do not realise that they are being used. They are the same people who fell for the recycling myth. They’re the people who fell for the global warming myth. They’re the people who accepted the toxic, experimental jabs with unfettered enthusiasm. These people have been moulded and trained and turned into gullible compliant servants of the Great Reset.

We are already deeply involved in this designer war.

The British Government has sent arms into Ukraine, thereby involving Britain in the conflict.

The public is being encouraged to support Ukraine. Under the guidance of the conspirators, the media is constantly reporting on atrocities (which may or may not have happened) and encouraging the public to call for more Western involvement.

Individual Russian citizens (who may not have committed any crimes, let alone been involved in the invasion of Ukraine) have been hounded and punished. Sportsmen and musicians who happen to be Russian have been denied the opportunity to ply their trades simply because they carry Russian passports. Businessmen are seeing their property taken from them – simply because of their citizenship. There is talk of confiscating assets from all Russian citizens.

And members of the public are being constantly encouraged to support Ukraine. I haven’t seen any sign of support for the oppressed people of Syria or the oppressed people of Yemen but the people of Ukraine are being treated as very special.

The conspirators who have controlled the world for the last two years, and whose publicly avowed aims include genocide, digital enslavement and a world government have pushed the public into demanding that Britain, America and other countries become more directly involved in the conflict in Ukraine. More bombs and more killing. The plan is to push Russia into extending the war.

Is it any coincidence that the British royal family seem to be moving out of London? How safe will big cities be in the coming months?

These are bad times, orchestrated and conducted by evil conspirators.

The only certainty is that the conspirators are in control. And the innocent stooges who wear, wave or fly their little flags in support of Ukraine are playing into their hands.

The conspirators created this conflict. And it is becoming increasingly clear that they aren’t finished with it.

A few months ago, World War III was nigh on impossible.

Today, you’d have to be very naïve not to realise that World War III is part of their plan.

There are signs that more and more people are waking up to the real disaster that we now face. People are asking why they should starve and freeze to death because of a conflict that does not concern them – a conflict which has been composed and conducted by leaders in America and Europe.