Parliament Vote for Plan B and Vaccine Passports

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with Wednesay’s UK Column News.

Topics in this video:

00:27 – Parliament Vote For Plan B and Vaccine Passports

03:31 – Has Keir Starmer Destroyed The Labour Party

10:50 – Joint Committee on The Draft Online Safety Bill Report and The UK Dictatorship

25:14 – Carnegie UK Think-Tank Push For Censorship of Any Dissent Against The Climate Change Consensus

30:23 – Dominic Raab Announces the New Proposed Bill of Rights

40:40 – Questions about FullFact’s Claimed Relationship With The ONS

43:35 – MHRA FOIR Reveals That The Yellow Card Scheme Is A Black Hole And The MHRA Do Nothing

57:26 – The same Dangerous Hospital Discharge Policies Continue

01:00:00 – Politicians Speak Nonsense On Omicron Figures

01:05:39 – Clergy Warns Scottish Parents of Vaccine Risks

01:11:41 – EU Parliament Hear Why they Must Not Mandate Vaccination

01:16:40 – The lunacy of Government Regulation

01:17:54 – When they Say You’ll Own Nothing they Mean It

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