Petition: Launch a Public Inquiry Into the Approval Process for Covid Vaccines

We want the Government to launch a Public Inquiry to investigate the MHRA’s process for approving covid-19 vaccines. This should consider all aspects of the approval process, including how approval was expedited and the drivers for expedition, and any potential conflicts of interests. The MHRA are primarily funded by fees from the pharmaceutical industry. An

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WEF Puppet Rishi Sunak Calls Death Jab ‘Safe and Effective’

Well done Andrew Bridgen MP for asking obvious question (Together Declaration #Together/YT): Transcript: Andrew Bridgen: Thank you, Mr Speaker. There have been more reported deaths and adverse reactions following mRNA vaccination in 18 months than there has been to every conventional vaccine administered worldwide for the last 50 years. And given that mRNA vaccines are

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‘The House of Cards Is Collapsing’ – MEP Christine Anderson

 Their House of Cards is Tumbling Down – Das Kartenhaus stürzt ein: Recently, MEP Virginie Joron invited the well-known French tropical doctor and vaccine expert Professor Christian Perronne to the European Parliament for a conference. MEP Christine Anderson gave the opening speech. Perronne was prosecuted by the French government for his criticism of the corona

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