EU Parliament

Trust and Freedom: Challenging the Pandemic Treaty

Watch an exclusive, high quality replay of this historic event in Brussels at the EU Parliament where MEPs and seven representatives from their respective countries came together to launch a citizens initiative to challenge the WHO’s proposed Pandemic Treaty and amendments to the International Health Regulations. (Oracle Films/Rumble) Andrew Bridgen Exposes ‘WHO Treaty’ In EU

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Covid Is Genocide – A Biological Warfare Crime – Dr. David Martin Speaks To The European Parliament

See also: Stop the Death Jab! Dr David Martin: ‘Neither the Coronavirus Nor the Covid Vaccines are Novel – They Were Patented Before the Alleged Outbreak!’ This Is Premeditated Murder Patents Discussed: Pfizer filed patent for Coronavirus S gene “21 years ago!” US Patent 6372224 filed by Pfizer Inc. (New York) on January 28th 2000,

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