Petition: Hold a Parliamentary Vote on Whether to Reject Amendments to the International Health Regulations

We are concerned that Parliament has not discussed and will not have a say on the 307 proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations, AND the amendments to 5 Articles of the IHR that were ADOPTED by the 75th World Health Assembly on 27 May 2022.

The amendments that were adopted on 27 May 2022 have not been debated in or voted on by Parliament. The UK has the authority to reject them under Article 61 of the IHR, but any such rejection must be within 18 months of their adoption.

Parliament must be given the opportunity to vote on whether to reject the amendments that have already been adopted, and also the 307 proposed amendments that are currently being negotiated by the UK delegates to the 76th World Health Assembly. The UK has not proposed any of the 307 amendments.

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Alan Miller: We must ensure decisions made democratically, not by WHO decree:

We must ensure decisions are made democratically not by WHO decree. Very good that the WHO proposed Amendments and Treaty are getting pushback—we also need to amend the Public Health Act used here for lockdowns.

Let MPs and Gov hear from you! (Together Declaration/YT)